How to make Sausages in Valheim – Recipe To Craft Sausage

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If you want to have a chance against the many dangers that await you, Valheim, you need a good and hearty meal, such as sausage; here’s how you make them and what you need.

How to make Sausages in Valheim

To make sausages, you will need the following resources and a cauldron built over a campfire.

  • Entrails
  • Raw meat
  • Thistle

It is generally quite easy to make as you can get all of these materials into play very easily, aside from maybe the Entrails. For starters, if you want a thistle, take a walk through the Black Forest biome and look for glowing flowers; To get raw meat, all you have to do is kill and harvest animals like pigs.

But to get entrails, you have to go into the swamp biome and kill dragurs. This is not an easy task if you have a low level; however, you can get rid of dragurs with weapons like iron swords and the hunter’s bow.

That said, once you kill dragurs, they fall around one intestine at death, and you then need the next amount of all three resources to make sausages in Valheim.

  • Two Entrails:
  • A raw meat
  • Four thistle

Once you make sausages with the resources listed above, they will give you the next buff.

  • 60 Health
  • 40 Stamina
  • 3 hp/tick
  • Buff lasts 1600 seconds

This buff makes sausages one of the best foods in the game, and it’s even better when you pair it with things like carrot stews or even queen jam.

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