New The King of Fighters Allstar Mai and Athena Alts appear

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People have the chance to bring in new Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya alts The King of Fighters Allstar. For a limited time, a banner offers special signature variations of the heroines. Mai is a red attack type that can burn her enemies. As you might imagine, Burn harms enemies for a short period of time over time. Meanwhile, Athena is a Purple Defense Type pop idol with the Starlight ability by her side. Like Burn, Starlight also deals extra damage briefly.

There is also a trailer showing both new heroines in the game. The video kicks off by showing The King of Fighters Allstar Special signature Mai. Then it offers a better view of Athena. There’s even a look at each of their Battle Cards at the end.

Besides Mai and Athena, there are a few other bonuses. People have the chance to get their hands on Lady Chang Keohan as she will be participating in the Fighter Roulette until March 11, 2021. Every day you get three cards to flip to get the character and her special card. The latest login rewards will give people 200 Rubies if they sign up regularly until March 11, 2021. The new Score Event also includes Summon Tickets.

The King of Fighters Allstar is available for Android and Apple iOS appliances. People can draw a banner for it The King of Fighters Allstar Special Signature Mai and Athena for a limited time.

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