Valheim: How to increase Carry Weight limit using Megingjord

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If you are tired of running out of space or want to carry dragon eggs, you will need to pick up a Megingjord for yourself to keep your carrying weight in Valheim.

Valheim: How to increase the Weight Limit

To increase your carrying weight, you need an item called a Megingjord; you can get this item from the merchant Halder for 950 gold coins.

However, to buy items from Haldor you first have to find him, which is an ordeal in itself. Basically, you can find Haldor in his camp in one of the Black Forest biomes in your world, which can be literally anywhere on your map, but when you’re near him, a pocket icon will appear on your map.

Once you find it, you can buy it with coins you get by killing certain monsters like trolls or selling items like amber and rubies. You can also get both items from sunk crypts and burial grounds if you didn’t already know.

That said, if you buy the Megingjord, all you have to do is increase your carrying weight by equipping it. To equip the item, simply right-click on it and your Viking will start putting it on; once it is on, you will get a popup saying you feel stronger, and your total weight will increase to a maximum of 450.

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