New Dead by Daylight Killer Is a K-pop Singer

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Behavior Interactive shared multiplicity K-pop related teases social media at the end of February 2021Now we know why. It revealed one Dead in daylight All-Kill K-pop Chapter. The developer teamed up with BTS Song Writer and Producer Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young and XING and U-Kiss member and actor Kevin Woo on the story and characters behind survivor Yun-Jin Lee and murderer The Trickster, aka Ji- Living. PC players can try both on March 2, 2021. [Thanks, IGN!]

Yun-Jin is a Mightee One producer. She created a BTS-like group called NO SPIN, which included Ji-Woon as one of the singers. Ji-Woon turned out to be someone who couldn’t share the spotlight and killed the other members of the group in an ‘accident’. Mightee One let him go solo while The Trickster and Yun-Jin continued to work with him, but Ji-Woon continued his rage.

Behavior Interactive confirmed the Player Test Build 4.6.0 that adds Yun-Jin and Trickster from the K-pop chapter, launched at 8 a.m.PT / 11 a.m.ET. PTB also gives people the chance to test the deuteranope, protanope and tritanope color blind modes and a new chat filter designed to curb inappropriate behavior. There are also changes to change when Decisive Strike is deactivated and The Wraith helps move.

Dead in daylight is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Google Stadia and mobile devices. The Dead in daylight K-pop killer and survivor are now available in the PTB.

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