Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Website Details History of the series

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Capcom has it Resident Evil Portal website commemorating the series’ 25th anniversary. Consumers can now get a detailed overview of the history of the seriesand access information about main line titles in the Resident Evil franchise. Moreover, the website shows that particularly Resident Evil Merchandise for the 25th anniversary is on the way. However, this information has yet to be fully elaborated.

The Resident Evil The portal website now functions as a platform for access to everything Resident Evil series information easily. This includes access to it Resident Evil Ambassador program and linking Capcom IDs to Resident The website basically serves as the main hub for consumers to link their Capcom IDs for easy access. Consumers can now find individual links to the dedicated pages for individual entries into the franchise.

In addition, there are pages dedicated to players sharing their experience with the franchise to mark the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series. The Resident Evil Portal website currently has a Special fan campaign, which means tweet your favorite memories from the series using the hashtag # REBH25th.

Capcom recently shared new information regarding the PC specifications for Resident Evil VillageThis includes both the minimum and recommended specifications. This includes the prerequisites for enabling ray tracing.

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