Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Game Designer leaves CD Projekt Red

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After 8 long years with the company, Cyberpunk 2077 senior game designer Andrzej Zawadzki is leaving CD Projekt Red. The announcement comes from him Google News account, where he publicly disclosed that his time with the company was up.

Cyberpunk 2077 Senior game designer
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Before working as a senior game designer on Cyberpunk 2077, he previously worked as a Quality Assurance tester on The Witch 3: Wild Hunt. Based on the wording of his departure, his time ending at the company appears to be mutual.

The resignation follows a series of hectic events for CD Projekt Red since the delays on Cyberpunk 2077 and its release. CD Projekt Red received death threats from furious fans over the 2020 delays. Zawadzki was a vocal employee of the company and condemned the death threats.

After the game’s release, the game performed poorly on consoles, resulting in a disastrous launch that fell short of expectations for what was considered the most anticipated game of 2020.

Despite CD Projekt Red formally apologizing and promising to fix the game in upcoming patches, they still offered refunds for those unhappy with the game. Things got worse when CD Projekt Red was hit by a cyber attack that stole the source of several studio games.

GOG spring sale
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Zawadzki noted that his time at the studio was an “ honor and pleasure, ” and that his immediate plans are long vacations for now. With his work in The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, I think we can all agree that he deserves it.

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