Netflix’s Splinter Cell series writer reveals new details including episode count, episode duration and release window

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Last year, it was announced that Netflix and Ubisoft are teaming up to produce an anime series based on Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell video game franchise and continue the story of favorite character Sam Fisher.

Now, in an interview with Colliderwriter Derek Kolstad has provided an update on the series while confirming both the number of episodes for the first season and the length of the episode.

“The first [season] officially lit green, and it will be eight episodes. And the bible for that I am finishing and sending, ”said Kolstad. Although the Splinter cell series has only been picked up for eight episodes, Kolstad later confirmed that the plan is to most likely produce 16 episodes, and he is aiming for episodes lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.

“I like the idea of ​​20-30 minute episodes. I like the idea of ​​following two different timelines and getting to know a character both at the beginning and where he is now … [because] it just makes the audience want more. It’s 12:40 AM and you’re like, ‘Ugh, I actually want to watch another one. Oh, 24 minutes? Cool.’ I just want to reduce it to simplicity. And I know I’m a writer, and I should say, ‘you really have to read my dialogue,’ but I love the unspoken story. And [with] animation, it’s incredibly powerful when you can do a series of events and just have music. And they are all character moments. And thus Splinter cell has been a delight in that regard, ”said Kolstad.


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As for when fans can expect the animated one Splinter cell series that debuted on Netflix offered Kolstad a possible release window while stating that 2021 is out of the question.

‘Probably two years. Probably no, about 18 months. These things, from inception to execution, are 18 months to two years. My work will probably be done in six months with the other writers. And yet you are always on standby to say, ‘This is not working. This rule is worthless. The actor wants to do something cool. But I also believe that, especially in animation, if they have all the episodes under control, I also make their job easier. “

The first Splinter cell game was released in 2002 and went on with six sequels, with the latest game in the series being 2013 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: BlacklistThe franchise has sold more than 30 million copies, making it one of Ubisoft’s best-selling IPs.

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