A new gameplay trailer for Knockout City is out now

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Electronic Arts (EA) and Velan Studios recently unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming team game, Knockout City.

The latest trailer showcases the main features of Knockout City and its thrilling dodgeball fights. The trailer “This Is Knockout City” formally introduces the game to newcomers. Watch the full trailer below:

Note: Players can control their style by customizing their fighters, using different attack strategies and even teaming up with friends!

Players will be able to experience the full game for free for a limited time when it launches on May 21. There will be cross-play, so if you’re on Nintendo Switch and your friend is on a PS5, you can still team up and still get into dodge ball action. Any progress you make during the free trial period will be carried over to your profile if you decide to purchase the game.

It’s quite interesting to make the game completely free on the first day. In any case, this can encourage many players to try it out before deciding to buy it. Kudos to EA and Velan Studios for this approach.

Knockout City launches May 21 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam.

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