Shenmue 3 Mod brings back Lan Di and Ren’s voice actors

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LemonHaze, Patrick J. Fuller, former Lan Di voice actor Paul Lucas and former Ren voice actor Eric Kelso came together to create a Shenmue 3 mod that brings both artists back to the two rolesWith help from Peter Campbell, James “SkillJim” Brown, and Jibby, the group created two versions of the mod that restore the characters’ original voices. [Thanks, Shenmue Dojo!]

Installing is quite easy. First, you decide if you want the version that only adds the original Ren and Lan Di voice actors Shenmue 3 or the one with the international calls too. Then you get the Forklift mod loaderOnce installed, basically drag and drop some files.

Both Lucas and Kelso agreed to help the community with this patch. As Brown noted in the forum announcing the patch, “Both did this completely for free!”

Here’s a video for the Shenmue 3 mod, showing exactly how Kelso and Lan Di recreate their characters. As a reminder, Ren and Lan Di are normally voiced in-game by Greg Chun and Kyle McCarley.

Shenmue 3 is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC, and people can get the mod and mod loader on Shenmue Dojo. A quarter Shenmue game has yet to be announced.

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