Valheim VR mod now available for SteamVR / OpenVR headsets

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A Valheim VR mod has been released on Nexus Mods recently, allowing Virtual Reality enthusiasts to play the popular Viking themed survival game with a SteamVR / OpenVR compatible headset.

As for the requirements, you need to install the BepInEx mod framework first to get this Valheim VR mod working. In addition, keep the following in mind: Vulkan support does not work, so you must run DX11 instead; launch SteamVR and close the Steam VR dashboard before starting the game; Disable Bloom and Anti-aliasing in the graphics settings.

Below is additional information from the creator of the Valheim VR mod and a video demonstration of it.

The mod allows you to play with native Open VR support in full stereoscopic 3D. Motion controls aren’t supported yet, but they are in the works. Some limited GUI interactions are currently supported (you can point / click on the GUI with a laser pointer, assuming you Use OverlayGui off and you can point things out in placement mode, but it’s not fully functional yet). However, aside from that, the GUI is compatible with M&K controls.

This Valheim VR mod is primarily intended to be played in first person, but it supports zooming out with the mouse wheel to a third person overhead camera if desired. I mainly added this to get better angles when building stuff, but play however you want 🙂

In first person mode I made the head invisible. There are some animations that sometimes cause the character model to shoot forward, such as chopping wood. This results in seeing a headless character model pop out in front of you. I initially had the camera tethered directly to the main location, so the camera got carried away with these animations. While it was more realistic in a way, it was quite uncomfortable to move around this way, not to mention other little movements like the head bulging while walking etc. That’s why I disconnected the camera position from the head and just at a fixed height above the player model – this results in smooth running and no more awkward movements – with the tradeoff of seeing some crazy animations at times – but the tradeoff for VR comfort is definitely the right one.

As mentioned in the configuration section, I’m still trying to find a good programmatic way to find the exact coordinates of where the player model head should be – right now I can get really close, but I need to apply a constant offset to get it just right. As a result, based on your tracking settings, it may differ from the character when you start the game. You can use the arrow keys to adjust the position of the head in the game if you persist EnableHeadRepositioning enabled in the configuration of the mod. This is not an ideal solution and I hope in the future to find a way to accurately locate the center of the body of the player model.

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