Epic Games Store DOWN: ‘Invalid Client’ Login Error Hits EGS, Fortnite, and Rocket League

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Epic Games Store down reports are pouring in today with users reporting server login issues (Image: EPIC • GETTY)

Epic Games Store down reports have increased with users of the Steam rival experiencing login issues affecting popular games such as Fortnite, Rocket League and more. Independent Down Detector Down Detector has recorded a spike in Epic Games Store down reports as well as an increased number of reported issues with other EGS games. At the time of writing, Detector UK sees Epic Games Store down reports approaching the 1000 mark, with the majority of EGS issues reported around login.

And when the Epic Games Store hit issues, users took to Twitter to report issues with the service they were facing.

One tweeted: “@EpicGames Epic Games launcher + website is offline for me. Hope I’m not alone”.

While another posted, “@EpicGames Server down?”

And one added: “@EpicGames Couldn’t log in. Is it not logging in?”

Elsewhere, the Fortnite Status Twitter account has warned fans about the EGS server problems. The account tweeted, “We are investigating issues where the login to Epic Games accounts fails with the error ‘Invalid Client’ and prevents login to the game.

“We will notify you when this issue is resolved”.

While the official Epic Games account also added, “We are aware of a problem logging into Epic Games accounts.

“We will notify you when this issue is resolved.”

The official Epic Games Store Status website has also been updated with information on the ‘authentication’ issues facing players.

Today at around 1:30 pm UK time, the Epic Games Store Status website was updated to say, “Players are currently unable to log into their Epic Games account, Epic Online Services and connect to games.”

Epic Games Store down chart

Down Detector has registered a big spike in Epic Games Store reports (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

Shortly after, Epic added another update to say, “We will continue to investigate this issue.”

According to the EGS Status website, the Epic Games Store is experiencing a “partial outage” with authentication for Epic Online Services experiencing a “major outage”.

Rocket League is also experiencing a “major glitch” to the login system, while Fortnite has also been hit by a “major glitch” to the login.

Fortnite is also experiencing “performance degradation” for game services, parties, friends, messaging and matchmaking.

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