Lead the new journey of MMO e-sports league! “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Wushen Altar Pinnacle League S2 League Development Conference concluded

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On April 7, NetEase’s first innovative league in the field of MMO e-sports and the strongest rookie competition brand of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game competition system-“Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Martial Arts Pinnacle League S2 season officially The battle began. On April 6, the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Martial Arts Summit Summit S2 Alliance Development Conference was held in Guangzhou. Chen Bin, General Manager of NetEase Game Operations and Chairman of Summit League Alliance, Zhu Shijie, Senior Operations Director of NetEase Games and Head of NetEase E-sports, NetEase Guo Yuxiang, director of game operations and head of the Pinnacle League, Xiao V, mobile game product planning manager of NetEase Games “Fantasy Westward Journey”, and many guests including Xiao Hui, Full Stop, Lamb, Shadow and many other guests attended the event. The event, centered on the “league-based” upgrade, jointly announced and witnessed the new direction of the professional iterative development of the competition brand.

Zhu Shijie, Chen Bin, Xiao V, Bao Xiaobao (from left to right)

S2 season is iteratively upgraded to build a complete MMO event ecosystem

Last year, NetEase’s e-sports MMO event field explored a touchstone “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Martial Arts Summit S1 season, which performed well in the industry and achieved good results. This year’s S2 season has been upgraded to the “Wu Shen Tan Pinnacle League”, which not only increases the tournament bonus, but also combines top technology to improve the production level of the tournament, bringing more exciting competitive content to players. In addition to further enhancing the viewing of the event, this season will be committed to the iterative upgrade of the professional management system of the tournament league, starting from the three sections of professionalization of the tournament guild, team manager, team command and professional training, to promote the event to become more professional and professional. Standardize, build a more complete MMO event ecosystem, and lead the new journey of the MMO professional league.

At the level of professional development of tournament leagues, the S2 season launched a strong league operation mode. By raising the entry threshold, establishing a standardized participation mechanism, opening a new “7+1” model account access mechanism; establishing a new tournament league organizing committee Event operations, KOL incubation, player development, brand promotion, and commercialization will be coordinated to create a closed-loop event ecosystem and help the professional development of the event.

“Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game product planning unexpectedly

Under the new alliance ecology, the e-sports guild model has become an important component of the professionalization of the event. In order to build a more stable guild development model, the role of team manager has been strengthened this season, and the team’s logistics and interest protection have been established; professional training has been increased, brand norm guidelines and peak team brand books have been released to help teams/guilds build brands Assets and establish a more complete brand culture.

Chen Bin, General Manager of NetEase Game Operations and Chairman of the Pinnacle League

At the same time, the new season will continue to deepen the linkage between the event and the live broadcast platform, relying on the latter’s user reach, multi-dimensional operation, and pan-entertainment content production capabilities to help the guild accelerate its entry into the fast lane of healthy development, combined with the S2 season The professional event talent training plan and the support of resources and traffic have been launched to drive the event business and guild business of the Pinnacle League to a new level of development. According to reports, this time will also focus on opening the MHG Heartbeat Women’s Team Training Camp jointly created with the Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Game Martial Arts Pinnacle League, aiming to bring more and richer content to the fantasy angel “Rising Star” at all stages. Continue to build and cultivate “new stars” to achieve a trilateral win-win situation for anchors, platforms and games!

Adhere to specialization and professionalization, relying on IP to achieve multi-field empowerment

In recent years, the scale of e-sports has continued to increase and industrialization has accelerated. Various localities in the country have successively introduced support for the e-sports industry. With e-sports being selected for large-scale international events such as the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games, e-sports is becoming the world’s most comprehensive event. New sports and emerging industries with potential and fastest development have had a profound impact on the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Since the start of the competition on September 15 last year, the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Martial Arts Summit has covered more than 10 million game users, and has gained more than 100 million dissemination. The pan-entertainment programs derived from the event have also won praise from players. Leading the industry to focus on the segmented e-sports market, MMO, shows the huge development potential of the MMO e-sports blue ocean, and promotes the further expansion of the e-sports industry.

In the S2 season, the Wushentan Pinnacle League continued to deepen the professionalization and professional operation mode of the competition through the iterative upgrade of “alliance”, established a stronger MMO competition ecosystem, and developed a professional and professional network with NetEase characteristics. The professional MMO e-sports road provides new industry enlightenment for MMO e-sports. At the same time, it combines the production advantages of pan-entertainment content and cooperates with the cultural and creative content of government agencies to help dream IP achieve multi-dimensional breakthroughs and drive The value of IP is enhanced to achieve deep empowerment in the social and cultural fields, and to better play the value and influence of the game.

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