New Amazon Echo accessory finally makes your smart speaker portable

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The new Amazon Echo Battery Base finally makes things portable (Image: AMAZON)

The Amazon Echo has become a global hit, and it’s not hard to see why. The built-in voice-activated Alexa smart assistant will answer pretty much anything you ask of her, with these devices, even being able to turn on lights, turn up the heat, set reminders and read the day’s news without having to worry about a need to lift your finger. With simple commands, your favorite playlists will fill your room with sound, and almost any radio station in the world is available just by asking.

Their neat design and affordable price also add to the appeal of owners who can bring one of these devices for under £ 40.

Despite the Echo having so many must-have features, there has long been a problem with these devices as they need to be plugged into the mains at all times.

That means anyone who wants to get out into the garden will have to pull an extension cord behind them to keep listening to the radio or their favorite playlist. The Echo’s lack of portability was something criticized Amazon in the past and now it looks like there is finally a fix.

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Amazon Echo battery base

Amazon Echo battery bases start from £ 29.99 (Image: AMAZON)

The online retail giant has just announced the launch of its new Battery Bases, which provide an easy way to move these speakers around the house and yard.

Once charged, the battery cases will let the tunes play for about five hours before needing to be refilled.

Amazon says the battery bases are now available for the Echo (4th generation), Echo Dot (4th generation) and Echo Dot with clock (4th generation) with prices starting at £ 29.99.

It’s worth noting that these aren’t actually made by Amazon with the company behind the product called Mission Cables.

However, Amazon has issued a seal of approval to the Battery Bases, stamping these accessories “Made for Amazon,” meaning the product is specifically designed to work with Echo.

The only other thing to remember before rushing to buy this product is that the Echo needs an internet connection to work properly, so if your internet doesn’t extend to the bottom of the garden, don’t expect the BBC Radio 2 will stream.

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