The elites of peace outline the global competition map, 2021 PEL S1 officially sets sail

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On March 11, the annual conference of PEL Peace Elite Professional E-sports was held at Xi’an Quantum Morning E-sports Center. At the press conference, Tencent Mutual Entertainment Marketing Director and PEL Alliance Co-Chairman Liao Kan unveiled a new international competition layout and a series of changes in the PEL S1 season. Finally, with Efgeni’s new opening theme song “Winner Ready”, the 2021 PEL Peace Elite Professional League S1 season officially kicked off.

Looking at the world, PEL accesses three major international events

In 2021, PEL adopts a new annual points rules to determine eligibility for the Peace Elite Global Finals through the comprehensive performance of the four seasons. In addition, the newly-added Peace Elite Asia Invitational and the original PEC International Champions Cup will invite the top teams of PEL to participate in the invitation system. Throughout the year, the PEL team will have three opportunities to express themselves on the world stage.

In April, the PEL S1 season champion and runner-up teams will represent the PEL Division to participate in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational. At the same time, the event will also invite 12 champion and runner-up teams from all over Asia to participate, and the final place will be determined by the wild card tournament.

In the summer, the third PEC International Champions Cup will be held at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena. The champion teams of the PEL S1 and S2 seasons will compete with other top teams in the world for a prize of 12 million.

The addition of the tournament layout has made the peace elite’s tournament system more perfect as a whole, building a stage facing the world, and PEL is closely connected with international tournaments, making the tournament structure more international.

Double the prize money, rich and diverse event content

Under the global competition system, the prize money of the competition has also kept up with the expansion of the competition’s territory. In 2021, PEL will continue to adopt the weekly bonus system, coupled with generous bonus awards in international competitions. After the peace elite professional tournament last year, the total prize money in 2021 reached a new height of 200 million yuan after the prize money exceeded 100 million yuan.

At the same time, PEL as the main competitive line will be extended to four seasons, and the three major international events will be interspersed. After this arrangement, the pace of the Peace Elite 2021 will be more compact than last year. There will be more than 130 competition days throughout the year. Every month or even every week, there are not only domestic favorite clubs fighting for the PEL championship, but also top international masters. Each event has different highlights and fresh content. I hope that through diversified tournament arrangements, special forces will always be Maintain enthusiasm and expectation for the peace elite event.

Brand-new theme, a year-round competition system centered on confrontation

After cooperating with UFC in the S2 season last year, PEL in 2021 once again reached a cooperation with the Shanghai Jiushi Shark Basketball Club, which represents traditional sports. This season, through learning from the support culture of basketball games and championship honor awards, a small white skirt has been carefully designed. The mode of cheerleading and awarding championship rings on the spot injects more sporting genes into the e-sports event. From the collision and integration of basketball and e-sports, the unique charm of sports competitions is carried forward.

While absorbing the experience of traditional sports, PEL also brings a new competition system that is more in line with the higher and stronger competitive sports. In the points system, the proportion of ranking points has declined, and the overall competition will place more emphasis on the confrontation between teams, providing the teams that are good at guns with benefits that match the risks. In terms of map rules, the newly added rainforest map has a small area and a large number of bunkers. It is easier for teams to encounter encounters, and the fight for elimination points will be more intense, making the game as a whole full of changes. Every second is unpredictable. Seconds are wonderful presentations.

Through strategic adjustments to many details of the schedule and competition system, combined with the unique multi-team competitive characteristics and randomness of the tactical competitive category, the peace elite event has delivered a high-scoring answer sheet for the key proposition of improving the spectability of the event. .

Win-win cooperation, diversified and healthy alliance ecology

At the press conference, Liao Kan expressed his gratitude to the many partners. It is with the support of many brands that the peaceful elite e-sports system can move forward quickly. At the press conference, it was also announced that Peace Elite E-sports has reached in-depth partnerships with multiple brands, including the newly joined Sina Weibo team WBG, the traditional sports leader-the TEC team formed by sports e-sports, and the chief partner OPPO. Strategic partners Zhanma Beverage, Buick Motors, Qualcomm Snapdragon, industry partners GOGO Voice, JD E-sports, Yogurt, Xuanmai. In terms of watching channels, the Peace Elite official has also reached a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with major live broadcast platforms, including Huya Live, Douyu, Kuaishou, Tencent Video, bilibili​, Penguin E-sports, Tencent Sports, Tencent News, And social partner Tencent Weishi.

Behind the cooperation with multiple brands, on the one hand is the diversified strategy of Heping Elite E-sports with an open attitude and actively colliding with other brands to seek common development; on the other hand, it also represents the value of major brands to the professional competition of Heping Elite Recognition and recognition of the achievements in the construction of the e-sports ecosystem.

The six-week new journey begins today. 20 teams will compete for the 2021 Peace Elite Professional League S1 season championship. March 11 to April 11 will be the regular season, and April 15 to April 18 will be the total. In the finals, which team can stand out in the first season of the new competition system? Let us look forward to the birth of new species in the e-sports era!

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