The next Hades? Steam praised 89% “Temple of the Underworld” turned out!

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GameLook report/In 2020, which has just ended, “Hades” may be the biggest surprise in the indie game circle.

With exquisite painting style and brilliant plot, “Hades” refreshed many people’s knowledge of Roguelike games. Of course, it also won many independent game awards in 2020, and even appeared in the nomination of 2020 TGA Game of the Year. , The independent game ranks among the best nomination of the year, showing its degree of excellence.

For a long time, most Roguelike games are known for their gameplay, but “Hades” has unconventionally started from the screen and plot to make players refreshed. Of course, it also invisibly raises the threshold of creation for this category of Roguelike.

On February 23rd, a Roguelike game called “Internal Destiny Temple” ended EA testing on Steam and officially opened for sale at 70 yuan (original price 78 yuan), and this game will also be available on the console and NS platforms. online.

From the art style of the game, it is not difficult to see that “Wu Jian Ming Si” is another Roguelike game that focuses on art. It has certain similarities with “Hades” in style, such as the use of 3D overhead angles, similar The art style and so on, but there are also obvious differences in the details. For example, the sense of level and the sense of striking of “Internal Underworld Temple” are stronger.

Relying on the fine art style, the game successfully entered the forefront of the Steam bestseller list after the game was released. According to SteamDB data, the sales volume of “Internal Destiny” is currently around 100,000 copies. In addition, the game has also received a lot of praise from the media. Many foreign media such as IGN have given the game a rating of about 9 points. Up to now, the game’s player evaluation on Steam is also relatively good, with 89% of praise. .

“Temple of the Underworld” is produced by French independent game developer Passtech Games and published by Focus Home Interactive. Passtech Games was founded in 2012 and has developed tower defense games with special themes like “Space Run”. Initially, the team consisted of only one person, and currently there are only 12 developers. Although the size of the team has always been small, they said that they care about every detail in the game. The Infinite Underworld may be the answer to this purpose.

Inspiration born in the shadow, unique dark fantasy style

The success of “Hades” is not accidental. Looking at the well-known Roguelike games in the market before, such as “Death Cell”, “Into the Dungeon” and “Killing the Spire”, it is either pixel or simple style, even if they have their own characteristics. A certain degree of aesthetic fatigue, upgrading to a better picture, adding a plot, etc. will undoubtedly inject new vitality into this category.

Believe that the game “Internal Destiny” is a deeply inspired work. At first glance, “Internal Destiny” seems to have many similarities with “Hades” on the screen, but as long as you enter the dungeon , This feeling will slowly dissipate. In essence, the two games have many differences in the atmosphere creation, and this is also the effort of the development team Passtech Games.

It is understood that the original concept of “The Temple of Infinity” is to create a mysterious and lost city. Players can encounter and fight various mythological creatures from ancient civilizations in the Temple. The multi-element blending setting is also in line with Roguelike. The settings in the game, but this also brings difficulties to the main art tone of the game, whether it is based on Egyptian style architecture or Greek mythology style? If you can’t do it well, it will bring a certain sense of violation to the player.

After discussions with the game’s art director Valentin, the main designer Adrien, and Passtech Games’ CEO Sylvain, it was finally decided to use only one ancient civilization and one architectural style, which is the style similar to the South American temple currently adopted by the game. .

This kind of subject matter is actually not uncommon in games. Dense tropical rain forests and mysterious buildings are good materials full of imagination, so they are mostly used in such things as Uncharted Seas and Tomb Raider. Treasure hunting theme. However, different from these masterpieces, Passtech Games is still fascinated by mythological creatures, so they want to create a dark fantasy background, as far away as possible from realism on the screen.

On top of this, in order to create a unique art style, “Internal Destiny Temple” captures a setting that is often not developed too much for an independent game-“shadow”.

The specific performance in the game is the field of view setting. The obstacles such as traps on the map cannot be directly seen. Players can use the torch to light the brazier or other combustible objects in the map to expand their field of vision. “Temple” is a bit more mysterious.

“The lone explorer is exploring in the ancient temple with a torch. This imagery is very inspiring to the team in terms of game design and art direction. Those deliberately emphasized “shadows” bring a unique dark fantasy color to the game and a comic book look. Aesthetic style.” Art director Valentin said.

Of course, the setting of “shadows” also brought a lot of trouble to the development team. For example, the amount of game development engineering has greatly increased, but the final visual effect presented is very impressive.

In addition, the developer admits that he has drawn a lot of inspiration from games such as “Diablo 3”, and does not even shy away from “Hades”, saying that it is also an object of learning. At the cartoon rendering level, the development team is learning the rendering experience of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, which makes the movement of the characters in the game smoother and the characters more eye-catching, which is very important for games with a bird’s eye view. part.

The setting is novel, and the striking feeling is particularly outstanding

Sun Tzu said that soldiers are impermanent, and water is impermanent. Those who win due to changes in the enemy are called gods.

This sentence is a sentence that the publisher FOCUS Ukiyo gave to each player when the game started the EA test. This sentence also very well summarizes the characteristics of “Internal Destiny”, and even the characteristics of most Roguelikes.

In terms of gameplay, compared with traditional Roguelike games, “Internal Destiny Temple” has absorbed the essence of many excellent games and has very new settings. For example, the game uses a setting similar to “Killing Spire” on the level. The player can choose a route before entering the dungeon, which provides a general direction for the character’s Build.

In the game, there is also a special setting “curse value system” that the same type of game does not have. Every time the player receives damage, recovers blood or clears a level, the purple progress bar in the lower right corner will gradually accumulate, and when it reaches 100, a curse point will be generated. Each time the player defeats a Boss, one curse point can be eliminated, or it can be eliminated through equipment effects and other methods.

The curse point is equivalent to DeBuff. Due to the different curse types, it will bring different negative effects to the player, such as activating the mechanism in the temple, getting injured and dropping gold coins, or the character entering the “illusion” state.

The illusion state UI will disappear and the screen color will change

The curse value system is equivalent to adding a layer of random mechanism to the original random mechanism of the game. Players need to improve their combat style according to the curse Buff they receive, and even the Build route, because the curse value is closely related to the player’s injury, blood return, etc. , This should prove the game features mentioned above, and those who win due to changes in the enemy are called gods.

In addition to the setting, “Internal Destiny” is very outstanding in character action and game combat experience. It is no exaggeration to say that if the game changes Roguelike to a linear RPG with strong storytelling, it will also be an excellent one. Independent game. The reason why it is so good in terms of combat experience and strike sense is that the original action design of “Internal Destiny” has absorbed the essence of soul game, and the combat design also has the shadow of soul game.

For example, a reflex with a slight “iron feeling”

Strong sense of sword swing

According to feedback from many players who participated in the internal test, the internal test version even has a setting such as the rebound value, and then adjusted due to the difficulty of the game, but the combat experience is retained, so the game is in the combat experience, The hit feel is particularly good.

However, even though the development team has made certain adjustments to the difficulty of the game, due to the existence of many settings such as the curse system, “Infernal Underworld” is still a lot more difficult than the Roguelike games on the market, so it is deeply It is loved by hardcore players, but it has also persuaded many players.

Jewels and jade are ahead, Rogulike game threshold is upgraded

It is not difficult to find that if it is only used as a Roguelike game, “The Temple of the Underworld” can definitely be called a masterpiece. But because the previous “Hades” halo was too dazzling, the two games will inevitably be compared by players.

Many players have reported that it would be a very worthwhile game without “Hades”, but compared with “Hades”, there are still many shortcomings that need to be improved. In contrast, the shortcomings of “Wu Jian Ming Temple” have been magnified, and this is mainly focused on the replayability of the game.

Since “Internal Nether Temple” is not particularly rich in enemy types, weapon types, and entries, it has caused players to gradually lose their fun after several clearances. The similar maps and identical Boss cause the initial freshness to gradually decrease. .

On the other hand, it seems that Roguelike gameplay and soul system gameplay are inherently mutually exclusive. Too particular about operability, such features as talent build and weapon entry are not easy to show. Too particular about the build, the battle will be more tasteless, without depth, but in order to cater to the audience, most Roguelike games on the market choose to reduce the difficulty of the battle, and it’s finished.

Of course, in the face of deficiencies, Passtech Games is also actively improving. It has already made a promise during the EA stage to launch more maps, game modes, curses, equipment, etc. Shortly before the end of EA, the game has also undergone an update. , A lot of new content has been added.

But judging from the player’s attitude towards “Infinite Underworld”, it reflects the fact that Roguelike games are no longer in the category that can be sold in a single skin. After the baptism of several games, the taste of players is improving. For this Requirements for all aspects of games in the category are also rising.

This may be the reason for the poor sales of a domestic Roguelike game with a good gameplay. Players said that the gameplay is pretty good, but the vertical drawing and UI are twisted, and the game does not have a certain degree of recognition. It is recommended to hire an artist.

Perhaps “Hades” has also taken this step ahead of time in the art, which attracted players to applaud, but on the other hand, it also reflects players’ demands for such games as having graphics and even plots.

In addition to “Hades”, two well-selling Roguelike games in mid-2020, “Neon Abyss” and “Small Bones: Hero Killer”, adopt a Galactic Demon City-like gameplay, jumping out of the category of “tower climbing”. The gameplay is a fuss, and this is obviously different from the same type of “Dead Cell”.

In the past, it was said that Roguelike was a weapon for small factories to counterattack, with small size and good cost control, but after several years of development, Roguelike games have evolved to a new stage. Games in this category are also paying more and more attention to their own characteristics and recognition. The gameplay is also increasingly seeking diversification. At least for now, the art “arms race” has begun.

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