Wizardry VA will be released for mobile devices in 2022

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Drecom Co. has a new trailer in front of Sorcery VA, an upcoming mobile access to the Wizardy series. With that came a future release window. This new trailer features new footage of the dungeon crawling elements that the mobile game will offer. In addition, players travel through more than one environment. Sorcery VA will be released on Android and iOS devices sometime in 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As mentioned earlier, this new trailer gives a better look at what the mobile game has to offer in terms of landscape. Of course, players have to get through a dungeon, although the trailer also shows a snowy area, albeit briefly. In a previous trailer, which teased some scenes between player-controlled characters, we see more of this action in full. Viewers can see an elf interacting with the party in some way, and even see a potential player character attacking a skeleton. You can check out the new Sorcery VA trailer below.

Drecom Co. bought the rights for the Sorcery IP in October 2020 for both domestic and foreign markets. The company announced plans to create an entirely new one Sorcery game, which appeared as the now-upcoming mobile game Sorcery VA

Sorcery VA is currently in development for Android and iOS devices and is expected to release in 2022.

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