Arknights Maria Nearl Event adds operators and costumes

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Mobile tower defense game Arknights is preparing to launch its character-focused side story event “Maria Nearl” and has dropped new details about the limited-time content and offers available. Developer Hypergryph and publisher Yostar also promoted the addition with a new anime special from Yostar Pictures, the publisher’s own animation studio.

Watch the anime trailer for the Arknights Maria Nearl event:

The event takes place in the kingdom of Kazimierz, a country in the world of Arknights that’s also home to some of the game’s existing characters, such as Operators, Fang, Grani and Gravel. The Operator Nearl is also from Kazimierz and was once one of his knights. Nearl, whose full name is Margaret Nearl, is the older sister of the “Maria Nearl” after which the event is named. Maria Nearl is the full name of Blemishine, the new playable Operator that tells the story and has been added to Arknightspremium headhunting gacha for the duration. Blemishine (voiced by Kana Hanazawa) is a 6-Star Defender-class Operator and works by blocking enemies so they can’t get past the path. Blemishine can also heal nearby allies and put enemies to sleep so they don’t get past her.

Maria Nearl’s storyline is about the Kazimierz Major, a sporting event in which the knights compete with each other and outsiders in martial arts such as jousting. Players can erase story stages and watch cutscenes. A series of event objectives can also be completed, granting exclusive items such as dorm room furniture and even the Nearl sisters’ Aunt Whislash. She is a 5-Star Guard-class operator who can buffer all melee allies capable of blocking 3 or more enemies (meaning many Defender types like her nieces).

Arknights Players can also use special currencies from the Maria Nearl event stages and exchange them for materials and other goodies. Outside of the event itself, Arknights also adds premium cosmetic skins for the Operators Phantom, Mayer and Glaucus, through the outfit store. Interior lovers can also devote their furniture parts to a replica of the Nearl family’s living room, to make the island of Rhodes a little cozier.

Arknights is available on iOS and Android. The Maria Nearl event will go live on April 8, 2021 and will run until April 29, 2021.

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