Bridget Jones 4: Shazza star Sally Phillips on the possibility of a fourth Renée Zellweger movie

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Based on Helen Fielding’s novels, the original Bridget Jones’s Diary film spawned two sequels, the last being 2016’s Bridget Jones’s Baby. The trilogy famously ended with Renée Zellweger’s bumbling Brit who was married to Mark Darcy and mother with his baby. While that may be the perfect ending for some fans, others are hungry for a Bridget Jones 4 – after all, Hugh Grant’s Daniel Cleaver has been found alive.

Even Renée herself joked in 2019 that Bridget Jones 4 could be called Bridget Jones: The Menopause.

She told The Talk at the time, “I love this character. So I mean when they call me I’m gonna run. “

Well, has caught up with its opponent Sally Phillips, who played Bridget’s friend Shazza in the trilogy.

Asked if there might be a fourth film, the 50-year-old admitted, “I have a track record of being 100 percent wrong on this question.”

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Bridget Jones 4: Shazza star Sally Phillips on the possibility of a fourth Renée Zellweger movie (Image: UP)

sally phillips

Sally Phillips (Image: GETTY)


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Sally, who promoted NOW’s Bridget Jones mini-break contest, said, “I was asked after the first, ‘Do you think there will be a second?”

The Shazza star shared how she said “no” at the time, but three years later she made The Edge of Reason.

And after that, Sally said a third performance probably wouldn’t take place, since the second hadn’t been as successful as the original. But of course Bridget Jones’ baby happened, even though it was after a 12-year hiatus.

The actress added: ‘So I think if you ask me, the job is done. But that can guarantee there is a fourth because I’ve been so wrong with it! “

stoke park hotel suite

NOW contest winners can stay in Bridget Jones’ Diary’s actual suite (Image: NOW)

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Fans can relive moments from Bridget Jones’ Diary (Image: NOW)

Thinking about the Bridget Jones trilogy as a whole, Sally said, “I think there were unfinished business after the second one.”

She thought that Bridget was presented as very clownish in The Edge of Reason, with Reneé putting much more weight in the role.

The Shazza star continued, “I think everyone felt they wanted to make it up to the third; get Bridget’s heart back.

“Just do her justice because she is just such a warm and sweet character. I think that’s what happened [in Bridget Jones’s Baby]

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Sally added, “The mistakes of the second have been corrected in the third. She is now married, she has a child.

“That would be a disappointing ending for some. I don’t think it needs another one. “

Nonetheless, the 50-year-old thinks a plot of Bridget Jones 4 that follows her as a mother of teens could be interesting.

This year marks 20 years since the first movie was released and Sally admitted it’s been a really long time.

Sally said, “When we got back together for the third… it was 15 years ago, it was so nice to be together again. We just picked up where we left off. But everyone was a bit gray, people had been there. So if you take a break for 10 years, that’s a lot of life.

“Everyone had really been there and it felt quite emotional. I mean, not in a boring way. We are still very British, no one has clearly expressed any emotion. When you stood next to people at the coffee machine, there was a deep connection that was very nice.

So it feels like 20 years. I am aware that there is a lot of debate about how it is dated. I still think it’s pretty relevant and still pretty funny. I just think it’s more innocent than where we are now. “

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