Final Fantasy XIV Hatching Tide Costume is a giant chicken

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The Hatching Tide event is coming in Final Fantasy XIV, and to celebrate the celebration, a new costume will be available for players to purchase. While this new costume keeps the gist of all the festivities associated with the Hatching Tide, Final Fantasy XIV players will finally be able to dress like the chicken that may or may not have hatched the egg. The Hatching Tide event will begin on April 14 and will run until April 28, 2021.

During this period, Final Fantasy XIV players can get unique rewards beyond the mentioned chicken costume. This includes two housing items, one of which is a food item and another is an egg themed decoration. Players must participate in the Hatching Tide to receive the chicken costume and both housing items. Previous costumes included a Spriggan themed costume, egg-shaped earrings, and other home or furniture items related to festive decorations.

Players who have reached level 15 and have access to Gridania can immediately participate in the quest. The official Final Fantasy XIV website has detailed where the NPC of the Hatching Tide quest will be located

Final Fantasy XIV is available immediately for PlayStation 4 and PC. A PlayStation 5 beta is coming alongside the upcoming one Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 Patch. This patch contains new RAID and main scenario search content.

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