Genshin Impact Endora allows you to catch Oceanids in Wishful Drops

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There always seems to be something happening Genshin Impact, and the Wishful Drops one is a new gadget and pet from April 9, 2021. When you participate Genshin Impact event, you can earn a small Endora Oceanid pet for your characters. Although, during the actual event, the curious Endora will help you capture rogue Oceanids.

Here’s how it will work. If someone is on Adventure Rank 20, he / she can perform the “Life Flows On (I)” quest to catch Oceanids. Curious Endora will be a special Genshin Impact gadget that equips you as you explore designated search areas. If you meet one of the Oceanids there, Inquisitive Endora will catch him. You will then receive a Heart of the Spring. As with many events, completing the qhole questline will give you Primogems, a chance to get an Endora that acts as a cosmetic pet gadget, and other rewards.

The ability to acquire the Endora is the second pet gadget event Genshin Impact until now. Lost Riches, the first, was released in January 2021. It sent you in search of treasure in areas with a Treasure-Seeking Seelie gadget. If you’ve been through the entire event, you can earn Primogems and a Mini Seelie pet gadget.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices. The PlayStation 5 version will be released in Spring 2021, with a Nintendo Switch version on the way. The Genshin Impact The Wishful Drops event will take place April 9-16, 2021.

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