Oro is holding a little turtle in New Street Fighter V Gameplay

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Capcom revealed Oro gameplay during its Street Fighter V. Spring 2021 update. The company covered upcoming additions to the title on April 6, 2021, from DLC characters to costumes. For example, Capcom showed the other Season Pass 5 characters Rose and Akira.

Oro is a recurring character in street fighterHe made his debut in Street Fighter IIIThe character is over 130 years old, making him one of the older fighters. During the presentation, Capcom explained that he uses hermit techniques alongside his little turtle companion. The company used motion capture to faithfully recreate Oro’s old moves in addition to new ones.

Oro has a V ability called Onibi, which fires a sphere at low speed. Players can use this to pressure opponents and force them into a corner. Oro also has a double jump that gives the troubled video presenters a lot of combo potential. Oro’s V-Skill II is called Tengu Stone, which makes random items appear and float around him, dealing extra damage.

The Spring 2021 update flow had a lot of new information. Capcom revealed Rose’s release date and surprised Akira footage of it Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V. is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Oro will be the third character in the Season 5 DLC pass.

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