Rocket League Server Status: Is Rocket League Disabled? Call Limit Error Hits Season 3 Launch

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Rocket League down reports are pouring in on Season 3 release day (Image: EPIC GAMES • GETTY)

Rocket League down reports have come in today the same day season 3 of the popular auto footie mash-up was released.

Independent Down Detector Down Detector has recorded a higher number of Rocket League down reports.

The Rocket League down reports started to soar in the lead up to Rocket League Season 3 launching in the UK today at 4pm. has recorded hundreds of Rocket League down reports, 90 percent of which are related to server connection issues.

Meanwhile, the official Epic Games Status page has confirmed that engineers are investigating an issue with Rocket League.

The Epic Games Status site says “we are currently investigating this issue” when discussing the ‘Rocket League – PsyNet Connection Disruption’ issue.

While the Epic Games Status website says today’s Rocket League issue affects game services, matchmaking, stats and leaderboards, item store, parties, friends, and messaging.

At the time of writing, all of these areas of Rocket League have been marked as perceived as “underperforming.”

Elsewhere, the official Rocket League Status Twitter has also tweeted about the issues players are currently facing.

The account tweeted, “PSA: Players may experience problems connecting to PsyNet and accessing online features. Thank you for your patience as we investigate this”.

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