Stock update for Xbox Series X and S UK: Where to buy next generation Microsoft console

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Where can you buy Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S in the UK? (Image: MICROSOFT)

The Xbox Series X is still like gold dust in the UK five months after the powerful next-gen console first launched. Stock for the Xbox Series X will continue to be picked up at lightning speed when it becomes available for purchase. This month – luckily – we saw a few Xbox Series X restocks go live, but these stock declines sold out quickly.

Both the official Microsoft Store and Smyths Toys received fresh stock of the Xbox Series X in April.

But this batch of Xbox stock is now sold out. The Microsoft Store opened orders for the Xbox Series X twice in April, according to reports from the @ UKPS5Nify Twitter account

In both cases, however, this sold out quickly.

In terms of other retailers, Argos said they are currently working hard to get more stock from the Xbox Series X.

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Responding to a gamer looking for a next-gen console in early April, the Argos Helpers reported to Twitter: “We are currently working hard to replenish the PS5 / Xbox Series X stock. where you will find the most up-to-date information about “.

While GAME was arguably the best place to buy a next-gen console in 2021, it currently hasn’t updated its Xbox Series X order page since the last addition.

The GAME Xbox Series X order page currently has shares listed with a release date of March 26 – which was before the last replenishment.

Since it has been a while since GAME last got Xbox Series X stock, gamers are eager to know when the next stock drop could be.

And this is what the GAME Basildon Twitter account recently joked about.

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The account shares a photo of an empty warehouse and tweets: “This is our current retail stock of # PS5 and #XboxSeriesX

‘If we have some in, we’ll let you all know.

“We [heart emoji] all of you, but it’s our fingers to the bone trying to answer every DM “.

If you’re looking for an Xbox Series S instead of an X, the good news is that you have a number of options.

Close-up of Xbox Series X console

The Xbox Series X console has been in tremendous demand since its launch in November (Image: MICROSOFT)

If you’re looking for the latest Xbox Series X stock notifications, we’ve included a live stream from @ UKPS5Notify Twitter.

This stream will play audible alerts once Xbox Series X shares become available to buy.

So you can let this play in the background and once the stock goes down you can go to the stream to find out more information about which retailer received a replenishment.

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