Borderlands 3 Update 1.23 – Hotfix patch notes on April 8

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Borderlands 3 Update 1.23 - Hotfix patch notes on April 8

Gearbox today released a new update for Borderlands 3We’ll show you all bug fixes and new content starting April 8.

Borderlands 3 Update 1.23 can now be downloaded and installed. The update on Playstation 4 is 3.28 GB. Download size may vary depending on the platform.

Today’s patch adds support for the new Raid Boss Hemovorous the Invincible, support for Ava’s Murder Mysteries, and much more.

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes 1.23


Added support for the new Raid Boss: Hemovorous the Invincible

  • Hemovorous has made her hideout behind a previously sealed door on Pandora, and Director’s Cut is your chance to take on this monstrous foe!
  • To tackle Hemovorous, players must complete the main story campaign and own the Director’s Cut content. You receive the raid mission from Claptrap’s locker on Sanctuary III. It will cost your group 500 Eridium to open the door, giving you the chance to make new loot if you succeed.

Added support for Ava’s Murder Mysteries

  • Ava believes she is ahead of some potentially supernatural slaughter and has decided to document her findings in serialized podcast form. Consider yourself her armed co-host as you investigate strange happenings on Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6 and Nekrotafeyo in search of answers (and loot) using some familiar faces.

Added content behind the scenes

  • A new menu option is available for Director’s Cut owners! Explore a gallery full of concept art, storyboards, lost maps and footage from throughout the game’s development, including a very special animated movie for Maya who couldn’t make it to Borderlands 3.

Added support for Vault Cards and their rewards, and implements the first vault card of three

  • Vault Cards are a new challenge-based progression system in Borderlands 3 that unlocks a host of themed cosmetics and some extremely powerful gear that can be scaled to your level.
  • The Vault Cards each have three daily challenges and one multi-level weekly challenge.
  • The Daily Challenges reset every day at 9:00 AM PT and the Weekly Challenges reset every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT.


  • Added four new gear items to Arms Race for players with the Designer’s Cut
  • Added it Disciples of the Vault cosmetic packs for players with Season Pass 2

Each character-specific Disciples of the Vault pack includes a unique Vault Hunter body and matching head, which you can mix and match with other customization options you have in your collection.


Added support for Maurice’s Black Market vending machine

  • Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine features various top-level Legendary loot that will be hidden in a new location every week (excluding DLC ​​maps)
  • This machine moves every Thursday at 9:00 am PT

Added support for Crazy Earl’s Reroll Machine

  • For 250 Eridium you can reuse an existing ointment on any piece of equipment – but beware, you cannot take it back once you redo your ointment!
  • This machine will be permanently located near Crazy Earl on Sanctuary III

Opened the Diamond Armory on Sanctuary III

  • Located under the bridge on Sanctuary III, the Diamond Armory opens an entire room of loot
  • The room is activated with the use of a diamond key, these are rare rewards that can be obtained through vault cards!


  • Updated the RYNAH to roll with anointings
  • Updated Broken Hearts Day weapons to roll with ointment
  • Updated heavy damage artifacts to properly increase the damage of heavy weapons
  • Action Skill Updated Active Ointments so that switching to an ASA anointed weapon while the Action Skill is active benefits from the Anointing
  • Fixed a reported issue that prevented all players from hearing the Eridian Log in Medical Bay after the “The First Vault” mission
  • Updated DLC2, DLC3 and DLC4 to scale correctly with player level in True Vault Hunter mode
  • The Eridium Jars in Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot have been updated to display correctly for all players
  • Renamed the Operative’s “Critical Mass” Class Mod after its proper name: Spy

“Critical Mass” is a new class mod in Director’s Cut; the name got switched somewhere along the way and this change corrects that!

  • The Designer’s Cut’s legendary HOT Spring garnet has been updated to show the correct textures
  • Fixed a reported issue that caused gunned-down players to stay in FFYL after being revived in Arms Race
  • Fixed a reported issue that prevented skill points earned during the arms race from being awarded correctly
  • Added an indicator that a player watches in arms race after death
  • Fixed noticeable in-game stutter when players were in heavy combat
  • Updated timed events to grant current event rewards if the player played the previous year
  • Updated Captain Haunt to prevent him from remaining invincible if his phylacteries (what a word) were destroyed too quickly. Players won’t see this change until the Bloody Harvest returns!
  • Hotfixes have been permanently added to the game
  • Quick Change Stations added to Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite and Takedown at the Guardian Breach


  • Updated Moze the Gunner’s Harmonious Havoc ability to deal the correct amount of damage after entering FFYL
  • Amara the Siren’s Phasegrasp ability has been updated to activate correctly when dealing damage in situations where it can’t grab enemies (like bosses)
  • Updated the Siren’s Phaseflare Orb to activate correctly when targeting the ground, using an action skill, and switching weapons at the same time
  • Modified the Sirene’s Remnant skill projectile to have its own damage source
  • Updated the Remnant ability to only allow damage to weapons and action skills in a Remnant Orb to match the item card
  • Updated FL4K the Beastmaster’s Cmdl3t class mod to trigger on bullet, melee and skill damage
  • The Beastmaster’s ION Loader pet has been updated to track moving enemies when using the Eye Laser Attack
  • Updated the Beastmaster’s ‘Bad Astra’ skin in the Quick Change to use the correct icon



  • Updated the friends list on Epic versions of Borderlands 3 to not show friends that don’t exist


  • Updated edge detection for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Fixed a reported issue in split screen causing some graphics and text to move to the bottom screen
  • Updated icons to display correctly in the ECHOmap in split screen
  • Updated the Operative’s “Double Barrel” ability to show the full effect in split screen


  • Fixed a reported issue that sometimes prevented the ‘Tales from the Eridian Slab’ and ‘Master of All You Survey’ trophies from being unlocked on PlayStation 5. Players who meet these requirements must receive the trophy the next time they play Borderlands 3 . to update
  • Fixed a reported issue that caused Guardian Rank to reset when transferring storage data between PS4 and PS5
  • Added a screen to hide SHiFT menus on PlayStation 5 while streaming
  • Fixed a reported issue that caused some players to be unable to search for other players after starting matchmaking
  • Fixed several system errors that sometimes showed up when PlayStation 4 players enabled a slow hard drive
  • Fixed a reported issue that sometimes prevented the player’s character, level, and map location from showing in multiplayer


  • Fixed a reported issue that prevented some Xbox users from joining their friend’s game through an invite while the game was not open
  • Fixed a reported issue that allowed some Xbox players to continue playing online without an active Xbox Gold subscription
  • Improved server consolidation on Xbox


Today’s hotfix changes will be available on all platforms at noon PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes applied!” If you run into any issues or want to provide feedback, submit a ticket to

  • World drop rate has been adjusted as players use Mayhem levels

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