ByteDance releases the game platform “Momoyu”, what does it do?

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GameLook report/time: one day in December last year; location: in the original god group of Feishu.

Event: The Byte Beat 2000 people in the group were chatting happily as usual. CEO Zhang Yiming suddenly “has trouble”, saying that the hundreds of messages from the game group on weekdays surprised him, and “curious” asked: “I have been here early in the morning until now. Is the classmate/department chatting in the group very free today? Is this common?”

This good story of direct communication between the boss and front-line employees was quickly arranged by the philanthropist into the news of “Zhang Yiming catching employees alive”, and even a story about employees angrily asking Zhang Yiming to quit the group.

Later, Bytedance’s public relations were dispatched, and the outside world learned about Bytedance’s internal culture of “truth and honesty and clarity”. Perhaps out of ridicule about the incident, ByteDance has really launched a casual game platform called “Momoyu”, which seems to be going to work to the end.

Continue to make efforts to fill the gaps in our own platform

As the name suggests, Momoyu’s target audience is gamers who work and study leisurely, mainly casual games, covering the user’s fragmented time. The overall bright yellow main color in the platform also implies its origin: Ohayoo, a casual game brand owned by ByteDance. .

In terms of UI layout, Momoyu is not much different from common store apps. There is basically no user education cost for the homepage, category, list, and my four tab pages. At the level of detail, Momoyu pays more attention to video elements. The carousel game video introduction is very eye-catching, emphasizing the fastest speed to let players perceive the gameplay of the product and attract users to download.

In order to reduce the decision-making time for player conversion, Momoyu has dropped the “download” name from BAN, and all products are marked with the word “open”, psychologically forming a “click and play” mini game cognition. However, when a product named “Reaper VS Hokage Kizuna” is opened randomly, the taskbar will still show that it needs to download more than a hundred megabytes of content, but it does skip the installation step and open the game directly.

In addition, the game icon once opened by the player will be placed at the top of the homepage, but will not appear on the system desktop, making the mini game platform more solid.

Momoyu will also recognize the games that the player has installed, which can be launched through “My Games” and receive platform token rewards. This move is obviously intended to increase the “membership” mechanism in disguise, through the distribution of cost-free virtual item rewards, to convert the user’s sunk costs into “assets” in order to increase retention.

The picture above is fishing, the picture below is an egg roll game

In order to further mobilize players’ enthusiasm for using Touching Fish, the platform has added a mission system. Players can obtain tokens “Xiaoyu Coin” by completing browsing games, starting games, evaluating games, and joining player groups. “Little Fish Coins” can be used to redeem free advertising coupons, as well as physical rewards such as blind boxes and capsules.

In terms of overall design, Momoyu is highly similar to the first game platform “Eggroll Game” launched by ByteDance. In addition, the egg roll game also has a history of renamed, its predecessor was “You Xiaobang”. However, since the egg roll game can still be used normally at present, it is still uncertain whether the fish game is an iteration of the egg roll game, and it cannot be ruled out as an internal horse racing project.

There is no sense of contradiction between the egg roll game and the fish and the Ohayoo Logo.

Explore business models and carry out casual games to the end

Similar to the egg roll game, Momoyu’s shortcomings are currently focused on the ecology, and the social system and content are still very imperfect, making it slightly less attractive. Considering that it is still in a cold start state, the status quo of Momoyu’s ecology is understandable.

GameLook pays more attention to the innovation of Momoyu’s business model. For example, the “ad-free coupons” mentioned above are more unique prizes for Momoyu and egg roll games. As we all know, most of Ohayoo’s products are monetized by advertising. However, Ohayoo has been exploring the possibility of casual in-game purchases.

Ohayoo general manager Xu Peixiang once told GameLook: “It seems that the casual game business model is “buy low and sell high” traffic, but the essence is to provide users with high-quality services, but the current return is mainly advertising monetization. “

“The quality of casual game production capacity is not particularly high now, especially the long-term is not perfect enough to allow hundreds of millions of users to play for a long time, and we need to pursue new growth methods in the future.” He further predicted that when a suitable long-term operation method is found, “casual games are not just a traffic business, but a content business.”

To a certain extent, Momoyu represents Ohayoo’s exploration in the long-term operation of casual games. The purpose of launching the platform is to build brand awareness, cultivate user habits, and keep players on the platform.

On the one hand, the benefits of doing so are to improve user reach efficiency and reduce distribution costs; on the other hand, it also creates the natural growth and replay rate currently lacking in casual game publishing, providing casual games with another perspective of growth.

According to official website data, Ohayoo has issued more than 150 products, with cumulative downloads exceeding 500 million and 80 million monthly active users. According to previously published information, Ohayoo has launched more than 40 products with a turnover of more than 10 million, of which the highest turnover is more than 600 million. It is already one of the top casual game brands in China.

The lack of its own platform makes Ohayoo’s utilization rate of traffic not high. This is also the key to Ohayoo’s advantage of the ByteDance App factory and rapid iteration of the game platform. Whether it is Ohayoo’s first step to change casual games again is unclear, but it will never be the last step.

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