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Diablo 2 Alpha release date and Resurrected Alpha release time revealed

The Diablo 2 Alpha has a fixed release time (Image: BLIZZARD)

It won’t be long before the first public test of Diablo 2 Resurrected on PC, with more plans to expand it into a second tech launch.

For now, the upcoming Diablo 2 Alpha is limited to the PC platform, with anyone who signed up with the chance to be elected.

The only drawback is that only a small group is chosen from the fans who participate in the technical test.

The Diablo 2 Alpha will only have a limited amount of content, but it sounds like there will be plenty to explore.

Here’s what Blizzard confirmed as part of the Diablo 2 Alpha Techincal experience:

The sightless eye

Players will begin their adventure from the Rogue Camp, a scenic spot populated by survivors of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, as they search for the Dark Wanderer. However, an obstacle blocks the path, the one that supplanted the Rogue Monastery’s Sisterhood stands between you and the road to the east. Face Andariel, Maiden of Anguish, in a climax.

The Secret of the Vizjerei

If successful, the chase continues. Players travel east to the Jewel of the Desert, the town of Lut Gholein. However, this trading port is not the beautiful high point of the trade it used to be. After the visit of the Dark Wanderer, it is full of evil. At night, townspeople go missing, and undead horrors are rumored to be sneaking into the sewers.


The release date of Diablo 2 Alpha is set for Friday, April 9 at 3:00 pm BST and is only accessible to those invited.

A limited selection of players who have registered for Technical Alpha will be randomly selected for entry and will receive instructions on how to participate via email.

Blizzard has also confirmed that the Diablo 2 Alpha will end on Monday, April 12 at 6pm BST for all testers.

Time is running out to find out if you’ve been selected for the tech test, and Blizzard has said everyone should have received the good news before 7am PST on Friday.

During the D2R Alpha, participants can choose from three of the seven classes and play the full first two acts of the game.

This involves choosing between the barbarian, the swift and nimble Amazon, or the sorceress who casts the spell.

Blizzard also teased that during the tech test, at least one user will be chosen to join a future Alpha by watching selected Twitch streams.

The development team also warned that the Diablo 2 Alpha will be single-player, telling gamers this week:

“Diablo II: Resurrected is launching with multiplayer, but for the scope of this test we will focus on early game systems, the three playable classes and customer performance data. We will be including multiplayer in an upcoming playable test phase.

“Although the technical alpha is single player, it still requires an internet connection to download the client and play the single player in the test. The latter game allows offline play in single player mode, but you will need to connect to the internet periodically to check for updates. “

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