Grubb: Hideo Kojima and Microsoft in talks about publishing Kojima’s next game

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Hideo Kojima and Microsoft are said to be in talks about publishing Kojima’s next game.

That’s what VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb writes in an article about the newly announced PS5 exclusive Abandoned from Dutch developer Blue Box Game Studios. Following the announcement of the survival horror title, some suggested it might be Kojima’s secret new title. On its website, the studio already posted a statement stating that it has nothing to do with Kojima in any way, and according to Grubb, there are other reasons why Abandoned is not a Kojima game. The most important reason? In fact, according to Grubb, Hideo Kojima is in talks with Microsoft about publishing its next project. We recorded the Blue Box statement as well as the relevant parts from Grubb’s article below:

Response from Blue Box Game Studios

Our response to the Hideo Kojima rumors

We have received several emails about the Hideo Kojima rumor. We have no association with Hideo Kojima nor do we claim to have any association, nor was it our intention to make any such statement. We are a small group of developers working on a passionate title that we have wanted to work on for a long time. We’ve helped other studios with their projects in the past and we wanted to work on our very first major project. While we’ve worked on small projects in the past, we certainly haven’t used that for marketing purposes. We hope this cleared up this issue and hope to see you all in our very first gameplay reveal of Abandoned.

“But the biggest proof I have that Abandoned is not a Kojima joint is that Kojima is in talks with Microsoft about publishing his next game,” Grubb writes in his article. And yes, that statue on Phil Spencer’s shelf hinted at a possible deal with the legendary developer. I can’t confirm whether Xbox has already closed the deal, but it’s my understanding that Kojima is the focus of a Microsoft plan to leverage Japanese talent. “

Grubb is referring to the Ludens statue from Kojima Productions that was seen on Phil Spencer’s stream earlier this year.

Interesting things for sure, but of course this has not yet been confirmed in any way.

What do you think of this? What are the chances that Kojima and Microsoft will work together on Kojima’s next title? Click on the comments below.

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