Intrepid “Infinite Radiance” season adds primordial hemoths, time travel and more

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Dauntless kicks off its final season entitled “Infinite Radiance,” which includes time-traveling expansions to the game’s Slayer’s Path campaign, a variety of Trials tweaks, Primal Behemoths, and more. You can watch a quick teaser trailer for the new season below.

Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect from Dauntless this season:

  • Primal Behemoths and Slayer’s Path Additions: Strange fluctuations in radiant ether and time energy are reported across the Shattered Isles. These disruptions open gaps to different time areas in the past and the future. Throughout this season, players will have access to two timelines, each with new Hunting Grounds challenges and a new seasonal talent tree that unlock unique abilities, starting with the past and its Perfect Strike ability.
  • Trial version updates: Trials have received much-needed love and care. Trials goals are objective-based requirements, such as winning without getting knocked down, designed to reward combat mastery. Solo Leaderboards are now separated by weapon type and show the total number of goals achieved. Complete goals to move up the leaderboard and earn rewards. Your turnaround time is taken into account to cut ties.
  • Rewards Cache and Challenges: The Rewards Cache is a seasonal store that replaces the safe and offers a wide variety of goods in exchange for seasonal currency. A season will be roughly the length of two Hunt Passes. Here you will find a number of items (including new weapon and armor skins), as well as aether parks, patrol keys and classic rewards from previous passes. Unlock seasonal Coins and Crystals rewards from new Daily and Weekly Challenges: Timed Quests that will ask you to defeat Behemoths, complete escalations, and more. All Vault Coins have been converted to these new seasonal currencies.
  • War Pike and Wound Rework: We reworked the wounds and gave the war pike some love.
  • Time Strike Hunt Pass: A new Hunt Pass harks back to the days of yore. Level 50 armor has been further enhanced with premium VFX, and there are bonus armor skins along the course that are designed to mix and match with it. You can also recoup 100% Platinum on your Elite track purchase by reaching the end of the Hunt Pass.

You can get full patch notes for Dauntless ver. 1.6.0, hereInfinite Radiance content will not be released all at once, but will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Phoenix Labs has prepared a roadmap for the coming months (click on the image for full resolution).

Dauntless is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Update 1.6.0 is now live.

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