Left exclusive to PS5 to render in native 4K at 60fps with minimal load times; Will focus on immersion through 3D audio and DualSense features

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Dutch development studio Blue Box Game Studios (not to be confused with BluePoint Games) has announced Abandoned – a cinematic horror survival sim that will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 later this year.

Game director Hasan Kahraman announced the upcoming new first-person horror survival shooter via the official PlayStation Blog yesterday. Set in a detailed open world, Abandoned encourages players to test their survival skills through a realistic survival approach. At the time of writing, the game is still in an early stage of development. Fortunately, the team shared an announcement trailer, which can be seen below alongside a few screenshots.

On PS5, the title takes advantage of the console’s new 3D spatial audio technology and the capabilities of the DualSense controller for added immersion. As for the game’s resolution and frame rate, the team is aiming for native 4K resolution at 60FPS for this title with minimal loading times.

“Our team is still unraveling the power of PS5, but we’ve made great progress so far,” Kahraman writes. “The console allows us to process high-quality motion capture, all at 60 FPS and rendered at native 4K resolution. We ensure that the environmental quality is as close to reality as possible. All in all, the result is realistic graphics, smooth character animations and minimal loading screens. “

The story

The story revolves around Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and no longer remembering how he got there, Jason soon learns that he was kidnapped and taken there for a dark purpose. Fighting for survival, his main goal is to escape.

Realistic character interaction

We want to provide a uniquely personalized gameplay experience, one that feels realistic. Every event affects your character. If Jason is out of breath after sprinting (or scared), his shooting accuracy will suffer. Unlike Action Shooter titles, weapons firing in Abandoned will be realistically slow. You have to be tactical to survive


Our studio is focused on creating a cinematic, first-person story. This is not a fast shooter where you just run, aim and shoot. Leaving requires you to hide and plan each shot before pulling the trigger. We want you to be nervous about any enemy encounter. Realize that a wrong move can be the deciding factor between surviving a combat scenario or not.

An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we do know that Abandoned will hit PS5 by the end of this year.

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