New trailers show the arrival of Giorno Giovanna in Jump Force

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Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new launch trailer and gameplay trailer for Giorno Giovanna, the latest character to arrive Jump powerOriginating from JoJo’s bizarre adventureGiorno will be available to purchase on April 13, although he will be available to Character Pass 2 owners from April 9 (he is also the last character to be included in this pass). Watch these new trailers below….

Bandai Namco has provided a brief overview of this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Giorno Giovanna:

‘A golden wind will blow over the Jump power battlefield when, the progeny of DIO through the body of Jonathan Joestar, join the game’s playable roster this spring. Opponents who come face to face with Giorno’s seemingly invincible Gold Experience Requiem Stand are forever reminded that their attacks are simply useless. “

Giorno Giovanna is the last character to join the Character Pass 2, which also includes Shoto Todorok, Meruem, Hiei, and Yoruichi Shihoin. Character Pass 2 is available to purchase and gives early access to Giorno from April 9, although this character will also be available separately from April 13.

Looking at the trailer I’m sure the addition of Giorno Giovanna will be one that all fans will enjoy JoJo’s bizarre adventure thoroughly excited.

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