Ninjala joins forces with Monster Hunter Rise

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GungHo Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing a brand new collaboration event Ninjala from April 27. Following the Sonic the Hedgehog and Puzzles and Dragons events, players will be able to enjoy content themed around the recently released Monster Hunter Rise. The latest developer diary can be viewed below …

With this new collaboration event, players can get their hands on a wealth of new collaboration content, including:

  • Three brand new Avatar costumes: Kamura style, Rathalos style and Aknosom style
  • Three Emotes: BBQ Success, BBQ Fail, and Gun Grinding
  • A MHRise 2 IPPON decoration with a Palico and a Palamute
  • Two Gum Utsusemi from a Palico and a Palamute
  • A Monster Hunter T-shirt
  • A login reward: MHRise sticker with a Palico
  • A Combat Reward: MHRise 1 IPPON Decoration

These items can be collected in-game until May 26.

The recent developer diary below also includes the following announcements:

  • From April 27 to May 26, players can earn up to 600 Jala by logging in at least once a day for 3 days.
  • The Nissin UFO Yakisoba Cup online tournament will take place on April 24 and 25. During this event, players can compete against the top four who receive exclusive IPPON memorial tournament decorations. There will also be Gacha Coins, Gold to Bronze Medals, Extremely Addictive Emotes and Entry Rewards to be won.

Make sure to join the Monster Hunter Rise x Ninjala event later this month.

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