No More Heroes 3 Series Digest shows off Bad Girl and Shinobu

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In Japan, one No more heroes 3 No More Broadcast Station 5.1GHm stream will run on April 8, 2021. However, there is also one No more heroes 3 Series Digest video out now offering glimpses of characters like Bad Girl and Shinobu and gameplay footage.

This one No more heroes 3 video then shows both new and returning characters. For example, in the introduction, Jeane the cat is present when Travis, Shinobu and Bad Girl are talking. We also get a warning and introduction from Sylvia. She first provides some background on the previous games. Then she talks about Travis, Shinobu and Bad Girl in this episode.

Here’s the full recap. You can catch Shinobu and Bad Girls No more heroes 3 performances within the first few seconds. New images appear after 4:25 am. Sylvia summarizes the new game, shows the gameplay and lets people see Travis facing some of the new aliens invading. At the very end, there is a scourge for the Killion Dollar Trilogy version that will release in Japan and feature physical copies of all three games.

No more heroes 3 debuts on the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021. This comes after multiple delays pushed it into 2021.

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