Rocket League trade-in disabled after Season 3 server issues

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Rocket League Trade In has been disabled (Image: PSYONIX)

Developers Psyonix disabled Rocket League Trade In features after the start of Season 3.

There is no word on when trading will be back or what triggered today’s troubles.

But the good news is that the current problems are related to the current server problems and should go away when things get back to normal.

Psyonix’s latest message reveals, “Matchmaking has been restored. However, trade-in is currently disabled and items acquired by players may not be visible for up to 15 minutes.

A further description of Psyonix adds, “Purchased items can only be traded on the platform on which they were purchased. You can only trade with other players registered on the same platform as you. For example, if you create a blueprint with credits on Xbox, you can only trade them on Xbox.

“To reduce fraud, players involved in a transaction must have purchased at least 500 credits. This does not apply to players who played before the Free to Play update. “

For those who have never used the system, trading is an online feature that allows you to exchange Rocket League items with other players.

When trading returns to Rocket League, here’s how to use the system:

  • Start Rocket League
  • Invite the other player to a party
  • Select the Invite to Trade button
  • Both players must be online to initiate and complete a transaction, and a transaction will be processed when both players confirm it.

“There will be a countdown allowing both players to cancel the trade. Both players will receive a confirmation message of the items received.

“If your trade includes more than 10 items, you should scroll up and down to make sure all items are there before confirming. Trading in small quantities makes it easier to keep an eye on everything.”

More details about the Rocket League Season 3 launch can be found below, as part of the full patch notes shared by Psyonix:


  • Season 3 is live on all platforms. No game client update is required

  • Season 3 Rocket Pass, featuring the new car Tyranno, has begun

  • The new Arena ‘DFH Stadium (Circuit)’ can be found in online playlists, private matches and free play

  • Season 2 competitive rewards are distributed across all eligible accounts


Missile pass

  • Season 3 Rocket Pass, featuring the new car Tyranno, has begun

    • Tyranno uses the hit box ‘Dominus’

  • As part of our commitment to remove uncertainty from in-game purchases, we have made the following updates to Pro Tiers

    • Pro Tier rewards are now consistent across all players

    • Pro Tier rewards are visible before they are unlocked

    • All Pro Tier rewards have a Painted attribute

      • Special Edition items occasionally appear

      • Not every Painted Special Edition combination is available

      • To standardize Pro Tier rewards, certified items will no longer fall into Rocket Pass. Certified items can still be found on items obtained through Blueprints, the Item Shop, and Fan Rewards

  • Pro Tier purchases are available again if desired


  • Season 3 tournaments are now available

    • New tournament rewards and titles have been added

  • The scoreboard has been modified to make the series score easier to read

  • The remaining Season 2 tournament credits have been converted into All-Star Cups

    • 0-12,000 Tournament Credits – Receive 1 All-Star Cup

    • 12,001-24,000 Tournament Credits – Receive 2 All-Star Cups

    • 24,001-36,000 Tournament Credits – Receive 3 All-Star Cups

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