Google Chrome update FINALLY lands on iPhone after Apple fans miss for months

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iPhone and iPad owners have not updated to Chrome since November 2020 (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY)

Google has finally relaunched updates to its hugely popular Chrome web browser on iPhone and iPad. The California company has historically rolled out a fairly strict six-week release cycle for its browser. However, that all ended in November. For the past five months, iPhone owners haven’t had any new features, fixes, or anything new and shiny from Google.

And last but not least, the drought is over

Google has restarted its Chrome updates. The US tech company was so behind on new features that it was forced to retire Chrome version 88, which launched in January 2021 for users on PC, Chrome OS, Android and other platforms, and version 89, launched in March for everyone else. to save, whole.

In order to bring iPhone and iPad owners up-to-date with the latest functions and tweaks, Google had to go straight to version 90. Unfortunately, it will not arrive until next week.

For now, Chrome on iPhone and iPad is still languishing on version 87 – the same iteration since November. Rather than flashy new features – these are reserved for Version 90 next week – the update now focuses on bug fixes. So, since Halloween, if you’ve been struggling with a particular glitch that’s getting in the way of your web browsing, it might finally be gone!

There was much speculation that Google withheld some updates to its iPhone and iPad apps at the beginning of the year following the introduction of Apple’s new privacy labels in the App Store. Like the traffic light system that tells you how much salt, calories and sugar is in your microwave meal, these neat labels are designed to show you how much of your data is being siphoned through the app.

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In addition to fixing some bugs, Google has revealed more details about what it collects from you (Image: GOOGLE • APPLE APP STORE)

It also shows whether advertisers can access that personal information to better tailor promotions to you based on your activity within the app. Google, which runs one of the largest ad networks in the world and can only offer its incredibly useful applications and services as free downloads because they’re ad-driven, would be a little sheepish in revealing exactly what its apps are keeping an eye on. Facebook was another high-profile developer who spoke out loud about the privacy labels.

With the first update in months, Google has made some changes to the privacy label in the App Store. Under the heading “Data Associated with You”, “App Functionality” now includes your “Name”. This is because using Google Pay in Chrome to checkout when you shop online requires your full name to complete a transaction.

Google says it will “regularly review our data needs to ensure we only collect data necessary to provide and develop useful products and features,” while reminding users that privacy labels “represent the maximum categories of data that can are collected. “

If you have not enabled all features in Chrome, not all data listed will be collected by Google. For example, if you’ve never used Google Pay before, your full name won’t be collected as a data point.

With the flashy new Chrome version 90 coming out next week, make sure to get the previous update before then. The bug quashing update is now available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store.

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