Path of Exile 2 will likely skip PS4 and Xbox One while watching Crossplay

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Path of Exile 2 has seemingly been in exile for a while – the last time we saw it was when it was announced at ExileCon in 2019 – but minutes ago we finally got a fresh look at the anticipated action RPG. Developer Grinding Gear Games just watched a live stream on Path of Exile 2’s new second act, the gloomy and intimidating Vastiri Desert. You can check out a new trailer for Path of Exile 2 below.

Ah, but that’s just the beginning! You can also watch a nearly 20 minute 4K gameplay video about the Vastiri desert below.

Impressive things! For those who don’t have time to watch the full video right now, it showcases some new weapon classes, the Deadly Spear and the Versatile Crossbow, which can unleash different types of attacks depending on which Bolt Skill Gems you load. your weapon with. We also take a look at a few miniboss battles and the Adura Caravan, a moving home base that you will visit in between missions.

As solid as the action looks, perhaps the most impressive thing about these new Path of Exile 2 visuals is the game’s visuals. Not only are they extremely detailed, but GGG has done a lot to improve their animations, with your character and enemies moving in subtly different ways depending on the situation. Combat also leaves detailed scars on the environment, with piles of charred corpses and broken bones left behind after particularly intense encounters.

Honestly, Path of Exile 2 looks so good, you can’t ask yourself, will this work on the Xbox One and PS4? I posed that question to GGG producer Chris Wilson during a press Q&A, and he confirmed that Path of Exile 2 will most likely be a PC and next-gen console exclusive, with crossplay being something the team is looking for. How PoE2 is next-gen exclusive will work when GGG has promised that Path of Exile 1 and 2 will share new endgame content has yet to be determined.

As for when we can expect the completed Path of Exile 2, I asked how far along the development is, and it implied that the two acts we’ve seen more or less represent the team’s progress. Since there will be seven acts in total, we will have to wait a while.

As for why PoE2 takes so long, COVID-19 has played a factor, but GGG is also just cautious because the project is very important to them. Oh, and no, they don’t sweat, maybe they’ll go head-to-head with Diablo IV – strong competition helps the action RPG genre as a whole, GGG figures.

Path of Exile 2 currently has no release date, although the beta should be out next year. What do you think? Impressed with this latest take on the game? Will the game be worth the wait?

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