Path of Exile: Ultimatum Expansion launches next week and will renew the loot in a major way

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Grinding Gear Games just gave fans a fresh take on Path of Exile 2, but there’s plenty on the way for the original Path of Exile too. The free expansion The Path of Exile: Ultimatum launches next week and includes the new Ultimatum League, some massive changes to the game’s reward systems and loot, and more. Watch the trailer for Path of Exile: Ultimatum …

Do you have 20 minutes left? Below is the full rundown of the Ultimatum League and upcoming loot changes.

Here are a few more details about how the Ultimatum League works:

In Ultimatum, players meet the Trialmaster, an emissary of a Vaal entity known as Chaos. The Trialmaster lures players to increasingly risky and rewarding challenges, requiring players to select difficulty levels that make their challenge more difficult. When completed successfully, players are awarded a specific reward. Each ongoing challenge builds on the latter, and if a challenge fails, players will lose all rewards earned in this series. This mechanic gives players complete control over how much risk and reward they want to play.

Players reaching the endgame will find Inscscribe Ultimatums, which require players to stake a specific valuable item in the Trialmaster’s Arena. Players who succeed in the arena will receive an even greater reward than the one they sacrificed, while players who fail will lose their item forever. Rewards earned include exclusive unique items with powerful modifications that can completely change a wielder’s play style. Enrolled Ultimatums can be traded with other players, allowing those unable to complete the arena challenges to reclaim some value from them. Players can also complete a series of challenges in the Ultimatum League and earn valuable cosmetic rewards in the process.

And here are some of the changes being made to the outdoor PoE system (watch the second video above for a more exhaustive overview):

  • The addition of very rare Vaal Reliquary Keys that will take you to a safe with a special version of a Vaal Unique Item
  • Changes to how The Lord’s Labyrinth item assigns enchantments, allowing you to choose from several options.
  • Improvements to Incursion, including trading access to The Temple of Atzoatl.
  • A complete overhaul of Betrayal rewards, including a fourth reward tier
  • Six new secret vendor recipes to be discovered by curious players

Path of Exile is available now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The Ultimatum expansion will launch on PC on April 16 and on consoles on April 21.

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