Remastered releases on PC next week

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Nightdive Studios have announced that they will release the classic horror game Shadow Man: Remastered on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store on April 15th. Originally released on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast in 1999, Shadow Man: Remastered takes players on a journey to the supernatural.

In the world of Shadow Man: Remastered there is an evil that is invading the world with its legion of darkness. For countless millennia, they have invaded from the terrible lands of Deadside, only to be defeated by the Shadow Men, a line of powerful African warriors with supernatural abilities dedicated to defending their tribes. Now that proud lineage has fallen to an unlikely hero, Michael LeRoi.


Players take on the role of Michael LeRoi, a 32-year-old high school graduate with a penchant for gambling who finds himself taking on the mantle of Shadow Man and destined to defeat the sinister Legion and its army of demonic serial killers.

There’s a cast of interesting characters to meet, including mysterious ancient voodoo priestess Mama Nettie and main villain, Legion, joined by his 5 henchmen, including the elusive assassin from the old London town of Jack the Ripper.


Players will visit the realm of Darkside, a place of shadow and darkness and inhabited by all kinds of supernatural monsters such as zombies and pale Deadsiders.

Shadow Man: Remastered arrives on Steam, GOG and the Epic Game Store on April 15, and console gamers can look forward to the game arriving later this year. Fans of Shadow man can also look forward to a new comic series produced by Valiant Entertainment arriving on April 28th and to the gamers purchasing this Shadow Man: Remastered You will receive a free PDF copy of each PC storefront Shadowman (2018) # 1 and a preview of it Shadowman (2021) # 1

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