Smyths PS5: When will Smyths Toys get more PlayStation 5 UK stock to buy?

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When will Smyths Toys get more PS5 supply for UK gamers to buy online? (Image: SMYTHS • SONY)

Smyths Toys is one of the UK retailers keeping an eye on PlayStation 5 stock hunters this week. According to the PS5 stock rumor mill, Smyths was one of the UK retailers expected to get new stock this week, along with GAME and Very. However, in a turnout for the books this week, it hasn’t made for a major addition for PS5 fans to get stuck in so far.

We have seen BT send out access codes so that customers can purchase a PS5 from the BT Shop.

But since this deal is only for BT customers, it wasn’t a supplement that was widely available.

As it stands, this means that both this week and last week have been a barren period so far for those in the UK looking to buy a PS5.

It was previously claimed that Smyths Toys could get a PS5 addition by the end of this week.

The @ PS5Instant Twitter previously posted, “This week (9-11am) very stock release. AO phone orders for # PS5 in a few days. Smyths end of week. GAME expected 7th to 14th (9-10pm) & Argos 8th to 15th (1-4 hours) “.

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However, in a recent update, the PS5 stock tracker account wrote: “# PS5 won’t be out until next week, halfway through my 8-15th date later.

“As most retailers reopen on Monday and are in the process of setting up. Stock will still be sold online due to Sony’s COVID policy.”

According to the government’s lockdown roadmap, non-essential retail will open its doors on Monday, April 12.

And if that’s why there is a lack of PS5 restocks, with retailers gearing up for this grand opening date, there’s reason to hope that the next few weeks will see a change of fortune for PlayStation 5 stock hunters.

GAME, Very and Smyths Toys have all been rumored to release PS5 shares this week, while Argos was also tipped to launch their last stock drop this week or not.

There are also rumors that Amazon will drop more PS5 shares next week, and the retail giant is rumored to be taking PS5 orders twice in April.

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The box for the much-requested PS5 console

The PS5 has been hard to come by since the Sony console launched last November (Image: SONY)

The @ PS5Instant Twitter last week said, “Expect GAME (9-10am) and Argos (1-4pm) April 8-14, Smyths MAY arrive tomorrow, but probably next week. Amazon has two shipments this month.”

Despite the recent lack of PS5 restocks, the good news is that the value of the PS5 resale market has fallen in recent months.

The PS5 was seen for more than double its asking price at the height of inventory shortages, but that’s no longer the case.

This is most clearly emphasized with CeX – which previously sold the PS5 for £ 815, and offered those who wanted to sell the console for £ 650 in cash or vouchers.

Now CeX is selling a PS5 for £ 680, but – most tellingly – they are currently offering £ 470 in cash or vouchers for a PS5 Disc console in a box.

That’s just £ 20 more than the typical asking price – showing that scalping a PS5 isn’t as profitable as it once was.

And that’s only good news for PS5 fans who have become frustrated with scalpers picking up consoles at lightning speed in the months since launch.

With the amount of money that can be made from dropping PS5 scalping, hopefully that means those lining up to order PS5s with any future restocks are real gamers looking for Sony’s new console to play on. gaming, with scalpers who want to make a quick buck. it.

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