Swarm VR launches on the Oculus Store

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Greensky Games has announced the release of their intense and fast-paced VR title SWARM VR on Oculus Quest and Rift platforms. This newly released title allows players to swing from platform to platform like Spider-Man but with a gun. Enjoy the new launch trailer below….

The world of Swarm is in a bad way, a horde of robotic aliens have made their way to Earth causing destruction and chaos on the planet. The only thing standing in the way of their path to total domination is Marv, a man with the latest secret technology, a bad sense of humor, and more self-confidence than you could imagine.

SWARM takes players through 25 dynamic levels spanning 5 cel-shaded worlds overrun with clever robotic enemies and platforms they need to swing using Greensky Games’ original Smooth Grappling system. Just like the classic arcade shooters of yesteryear, SWARM requires quick responses and strategic thinking.

Every session of SWARM takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is designed so that players can quickly jump and participate in this swinging shooter with a variety of weapons from rocket launchers to lasers. Then they can leave their score on a global leaderboard and share their prowess in this unique VR shooter.


  • A beautiful cel-shaded world.
  • 25 dynamic levels divided over 5 zones.
  • A modern FPS that keeps the spirit of the classic arcade shooter.
  • make the swing at the right time and let death rain on the enemy.
  • Slow down time and avoid incoming fire.
  • Use a good strategy to defeat cunning opponents.
  • Competitive Global Leaderboards.

Swarm VR can now be purchased on Oculus Quest and Rift through the Oculus store with cross-buy support.

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