Tyrant’s Blessing launches crowdfunding campaign

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Indie developer Mercury Game Studio has announced the start of their Kickstarter campaign for their tactical turn-based single-player strategy The tyrant’s blessing. Inspired by Subset Games’ Into the Breach, Tiran’s blessing will order players to free the country from the evil of the Dead Army. Watch the new trailer below …

The land of Tyberia is overrun by the Dead Army and it is up to the players to defeat a band of heroes and reclaim their homeland. Players must form a team, fight enemies and then rescue better weapons, equipment and supplies from the defeated enemies to continue the purge of Tyberia.

The game focuses on tactical combat across a series of small and compact maps, each offering a different challenge and rewards. The number of enemies grows with each territory they claim and it is vital that players analyze enemy forces before fighting to make sure your band of heroes are enough to destroy them. The player’s heroic powers can also be increased by adding pets, which are not as powerful but significantly cheaper to deploy.


  • Predictive turn-based tactical combat.
  • Unique heroes with different skills.
  • Recruitable heroes.
  • Multiple biomes with unique and challenging obstacles.
  • 10 unlockable heroes.
  • Compact cards where nothing is left to chance.
  • Fallen heroes become servants of the Dead Army, so don’t get them killed.

Tiran’s blessing can be supported here and is expected to release on Steam early next year.

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