Apple vs. Samsung: The One Big Reason It’s Still Better to Buy an iPhone

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Apple v Samsung – Why it might be better to buy an iPhone? (Image: GETTY)

Apple and Samsung remain two of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world. Both have enjoyed massive success over the past six months, with the iPhone 12 and the latest Galaxy S21 proving to be big hits with their loyal fan base. These devices come with industry-leading cameras, faster processors, and full access to the latest 5G data speeds, allowing them to stream and download files at over 300Mbps.

Samsung has also added a fast 120Hz refresh rate to its S21, while Apple has put more efficient MagSafe charging into the back of its iPhone 12. it is better to buy an iPhone.

According to new research from US trade-in site, the Galaxy S21 has seen some pretty shocking depreciation rates since its launch in January.

In fact, the company says all variants of the S21 have lost nearly 50 percent of their value in just a few months.

That means if you landed on top of the 512GB S21 Ultra at $ 1,599, it’s now only worth $ 747 on SellCell’s trade-in site … ouch!

The same goes for the standard S21, which is now worth 50.8 percent less than the original retail price.

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To make matters worse for Samsung fans, the iPhone 12 doesn’t suffer nearly as badly.

SellCell says the $ 1099 Pro Max will still hit around $ 900 when people trade it in. That is a decrease of only 18 percent.

So why are Samsung phones losing value faster than Apple’s iPhone?

SellCell says the reasons for this disparity in value are likely many. In its recent brand loyalty survey, SellCell found that 92 percent of iPhone owners remain committed to the Apple brand.

Apple owners looking to upgrade their device will stick with the Apple brand in most cases. In that sense, pre-owned iPhone 12 handsets are in high demand, meaning they keep their value as consumers are happy to pay a premium even for a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone 12.

On the other hand, Samsung owners are not only showing less brand loyalty, but 26 percent of them are also happy to consider moving to an Apple device once they are done with their Android device.

This has two effects. It reduces demand for Samsung’s phones, dropping its value, while at the same time increasing Apple’s demand even further, slowing the iPhone 12’s decline in value.

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