Arknight’s Exusiai figure deploys her entire arsenal

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Good Smile Company is expanding its growing numbers of figures based on mobile tower defense hits Arknights with a new fully proportioned Exusiai figure. The figure is based on the rare 6-star Sniper character Exusiai, and the design recreates the art and pose of her “Elite 2” character. The figure is available for pre-order now, with a planned release date of November 2021.

Exusiai (pronounced “Exia” in-game) is a playable Sniper. She works, together with other operators such as Texas and Sora, for Penguin Logistics, a courier service that regularly takes on risky assignments (such as a cake delivery). Exusiai is a Sankta, one Arknights race that exhibits angelic features such as halos and ‘wings’ of light. She is also from Laterano, a theocratic nation where every qualified citizen must carry a gun.

Within the Arknights game itself, Exusiai is one of the best Snipers, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage with her rapid firing skills. She can practically drown enemies in a hailstorm of bullets, munching on their health. Her only weakness is if those enemies wear a lot of armor, because without outside help, Exusiai cannot strike through heavily armored enemies.

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As can be seen in her character art, the Arknights Exusia figure shows the character activating her ‘Overloading Mode’ ability, which deploys her full arsenal of firearms in a ring of light behind her. The figure is 340 mm high (about 13 inches) and is made of ABS and PVC by artist Baksatsu Shooter. The painting was done by artist Nainiu.

The Good Smile Company Arknights Exusiai figure is now available for pre-order, and is expected to cost JPY 23,000 (approximately USD $ 210). Preorders placed through Good Smile Company’s online store will also receive a Shikishi illustration board featuring Exusiai’s Elite 2 artwork. Fans looking for a smaller or more affordable one Arknights figurine can view Good Smile’s existing Nendoroid figures. Characters like Amiya, Texas, Silverash, W, Ch’en and even Exusiai himself are represented.

Arknights itself is available on iOS and Android. The game is currently hosting a special story event with Blemishine, Nearl’s sister.

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