Deck builder Trials of Fire is launching on Steam

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Whatboy Games has launched their turn-based single player strategy Fire tests is now available on Steam. Set in a post-cataclysmic imaginative, Fire tests is a card-building game in which players travel through a ruinous fantasy world.

Fire tests takes players to the desolate wasteland of Ashe as they lead a group of three heroes with the goal of saving the desolate people of the brutal and barren wastelands.

In this unique adventure, traverse hex-based maps, engage in turn-based battles, explore the barren wasteland, and combine tactical planning with deck-building skills.


  • Improve each hero’s skills by taking advantage of powerful map synergies and by combining Heroes’ individual abilities and powers.
  • Game-changing loot, over 200 unique items, and over 320 upgradeable skill cards.
  • Players can choose their own path through the world and shape their own adventure as they search for and fight for resources critical to their survival.

“Coming out of early access after nearly two years of full-time development is an incredible achievement for any indie team,” said Dax Ginn, Co-Founder and Studio Director of Whatboy Games. “We went through many trials of our own making this game, but one thing is for sure: we wouldn’t be in this position in any way without the support and input from the community that has grown around it. Fire testsThe suggestions and criticisms of the thousands of players who have joined us in this adventure have shaped the game into something we can all be very proud of and we look forward to welcoming many more players to the world of Ashe. “

Fire tests is now available on Steam for £ 15.49 / $ 19.99 / € 16.79. An Inferno edition is also available with a digital map of Ashe, the complete original soundtrack and a 100-page digital art book.

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