In My Shadow now available on Steam

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Indie developer Playbae and publisher Alcon Interactive have released their shadow manipulating puzzle platformer, In my shadow, on Steam. Travel through the mind of Bella in this puzzle game with a heartwarming story.

In In my shadow help Bella process her childhood memories and come to terms with her past by taking a journey through her mind and solving puzzles. These childhood memories come to life as shadows on the wall in her home, and players will have to use those shadows to solve unique puzzles.

The game challenges players by using multi-dimensional mechanics that will force players to find new ways to use the shadows.

In my shadow Characteristics:

  • Clever puzzles that use shadows and shapes in a unique way.
  • More than 50 levels spread across the walls of four rooms, each with its own set of mechanics.
  • A heartfelt story told through her childhood memories.
  • Colorful environments that reflect the individual personalities of everyone in her family.
  • A musical score that matches the emotions of the surroundings.

In my shadow is available now on Steam for PC for £ 8.00 / € 9.00 / $ 9.99 with a discount until April 16th.

Console and mobile gamers can rejoice In my shadow arrive later this year.

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