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Originally scheduled for spring, we now have an officially announced May 21 date. The game was originally released on Pc is entitled to his version PS4 and Xbox, all developed by Double eleven

Rust Console Edition gameplay trailer

If you are a fan of Survival games Rust will know how to fill you. Armed only with a torch and a pebble, you find yourself on an island where you have to deal with other players who all want to save their skin.

Rust has been completely redesigned and optimized for home consoles. However, the process was not easy as the game was resource intensive. The consoles were unfortunately unable to run the game properly with loading times of up to 45 minutes. But it is now done thanks to a hard work of 3 years.

The consoles are also entitled to updates to improve your experience in Rust, even if they will be different from the PC versions announced by the studio.

Rust Console Edition

If you want to read the whole article, we will make it available to you. HERE as well as our article devoted to the April update for PC gamers.

The game is entitled to 3 different versions on the 2 machines we present to you:

  • Rust Day One Edition for 49.99 euros, including as a pre-order bonus the Future Weapons and Tools PackHere are the pre-order links for the versions PS4 and Xbox
  • Rust Deluxe Edition for 59.99 euros, including the Future Weapons and Tools Pack, the Welcome pack, three days early access, closed beta access and the Staging Branch that’s an up-to-date version of the studio’s latest additions, intended to be implemented in the base version. Here are the pre-order links for the version PS4 and Xbox
  • Rust Ultimate Edition for 79.99 euros, including the bonuses of the above versions, but also an improved version of the Welcome pack1100 Rest coins worth about € 10, and a Elite Combat Skin PackHere are the links to the shops PS4 and XBox

The Xbox versions are available on both One and Series X / S. As for the Playstation versions, we know for now that they will be available on PS4. There will no doubt be a PS5 update, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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