Google Docs not working? Due to an error, thousands of Docs or Google Drive cannot be used

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Is Google Docs currently unavailable? Google Drive is not working and a new document error has occurred (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY)

The number of Google Docs reports is on the rise and users are reporting issues with a range of Google services these days.

Independent Down Detector outage monitor recorded a spike in Google Drive, Google and Google Classroom down reports today.

At the time of writing, has recorded a spike of over 2,600 notifications from Google Drive – with the vast majority of the reported issues being related to app issues.

While Twitter has been inundated with tweets from users affected by the Google Drive service issues reported today.

One tweeted, “Come on, Google Docs. I’ve got work to do, bro.”

While another posted, “Google Drive won’t let me open new documents, I’m afraid”.

One added: “@GoogleForEdu Are there any issues with Google Classroom today? I can’t post assignments with attached Google docs or slides (and I own those docs). Please advise.”

And another wrote: “This is a disaster @googledocs”.

The main problem the Google Docs user seems to have is creating a new document, which displays an error screen that says, “Google Docs encountered an error. Please try to reload this page or come back in a few minutes . “ has reached out to Google for comment and to find out if a fix is ​​in the works for the reported issues with Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Classroom.

Despite widespread reports of problems, according to the Google Workspace Status Dashboard, all Google services are currently working as normal.

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