Score 9.5, bid farewell to Mary Su! NetEase Leihuo’s new tour allows you to “dream entertainment circle”

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GameLook report/In film and television works, the appearance of “Dream Entertainment Circle” has been “fired” in the film and television industry. Although the quality of the film is not satisfactory, the selected entertainment theme is indeed the most concerned by young users topic.

On April 9, the first mobile game “Absolute Deduction” developed by NetEase Leihuo Studio with the theme of the entertainment industry was first exposed. With its high-quality painting style and super-realistic game core, it has been welcomed by a large number of players.

In recent years, NetEase has continued to deepen the feminization of the mobile game market, and already has many female-oriented games. From “The Traveler in Time and Space” and “Forget Chuan Fenghua Record” to today’s “Absolute Deduction”, it is not difficult to see the surge of new games NetEase has increased the determination of women to play games.

This time, NetEase has even taken out its ace studio, which has launched a number of explosive games such as “Tianyu”, “A Chinese Ghost Story”, and “Backwater Chill” as the game’s research and development team. It is foreseeable that its exploration of female categories and female users will continue and increase. And what new experience will the self-developed “Absolute Deduction” bring to players?

Promotional video of “Absolute Deduction”:

Create an immersive interactive experience with the entertainment industry as the theme

“Absolute Deduction” is very novel in the selection of themes. It uses a theme that is rarely seen in the domestic entertainment industry. Undoubtedly, the entertainment industry has always been a big traffic user. Who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of being a star.

Of course, as a game in the entertainment industry, how can you eat less melons? For this reason, the creators are not just trying to catch a glimpse of the light, not only focusing on the common routines in the circle, but also showing many little-known fierce materials. The production team visited the director, producer and agent, and went to the Hengdian crew to explore the class, trying to show players a real entertainment circle and create a more immersive experience.

Thanks to the personal experience of the production team, the game gives players a strong sense of substitution whether it is from the plot or the characters. Players will start from a low-level actor and eventually become a dazzling star. On the way, they will experience the hardships of becoming a star. This pain and joyful excitement can be said to be the difference between this female and the female on the market. One of the biggest features of the Xiang category. And it seems that the various experiences in the entertainment industry are very complete, and many players said that they have begun to dream.

Although the gameplay has not been mentioned too much, from the information currently exposed, there will be a large number of story-character adventurous gameplay in the game, and there is also a story-to-AVG gameplay that players can master. Players will play their favorite roles in massive scripts and perform a wonderful life with thousands of faces. In addition to participating in the filming of film and television dramas, players can also experience rich and interesting variety show shooting. After that, you can flex your muscles and get more exposure.

Want to become a star, of course, cannot do without the propaganda behind the brokerage team. After the players become famous, they can also experience the gameplay of the brokerage company, so that the artists under the player can make C-position debuts. As the big boss of an economic company, what players need to do is to constantly sign their favorite artists, and train their artists to become big stars through the process of participating in talent shows, participating in variety shows, participating in movies, awards, and endorsements.

Although compared to competitive games such as FPS and MOBA, casual games are the most popular category for female players, but this does not mean that female players “do not like fierce competition with others.” The production team understands the truth that “women know women best”. The producer has accurately captured the psychology of female players, and has a unique subdivision system in “Absolute Deduction”. Who can become the well-deserved top in the entertainment industry by then depends on the struggle of the players themselves.

Top-notch picture quality, “end game” under the skin of hand games

With the increase of competing products and the increasingly fierce competition on the track, female users’ aesthetics for products are also further improved. Among them, the picture is the hard power of women to the game and is also the first step to success.

Players call it a domestic animation company that is delayed by games. NetEase’s game picture quality is basically at the art level, so the picture level of the game is beyond doubt. As can be seen from the promotional video, the game’s screen is obviously rushing to the console-level screen.

In terms of character drawing, it is different from the two-dimensional style of the Q version, which makes the characters in the game more three-dimensional, and the image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the blessing of Unreal Engine, game scenes, character modeling, fashion modeling, etc. are done very finely, and the details are also more meticulous. NetEase Leihuo has built a highly refined and immersive world for “Absolute Deduction” through its solid research and development capabilities.

In addition, in addition to the stunning graphics at the beginning, the game is also very good in terms of immersion creation. And music is the best form of expression for celebrities to develop the current comprehensive audiovisual effects. With the characters singing on stage, the music match in the game gives players a feeling of being in a concert, which is refreshing.

As a female-oriented game, in addition to the screen, players are most concerned about the dubbing of the characters in the game. Although the current production team has not announced the game’s dubbing lineup, judging from its previous works, the dubbing lineup will certainly not disappoint the players.

The threshold for women is increasing, and differentiated advantages are the key to breaking

When it comes to the recent domestic mobile game market, the women’s track is extremely hot. As women continue to exert their efforts in the market, many big companies have also increased their weight, such as Mihayou’s “Undecided Event Book” and Tencent’s “Code Broker”. The female xiang track has been quite crowded today, so players’ requirements for the quality of female xiang mobile games are bound to be higher.

In the past few years, the competition in this category is mainly the rising art quality and voice actors lineup. With the development of game boutiques, women have improved the overall picture of the game. According to GameLook, following the themes and popular gameplay of the same category will only lead to the work falling behind others and grasping the psychology of female players. Finding differentiated advantages is the key to breaking the game. Therefore, many manufacturers began to start from the theme of the game, looking for the best solution to break the game.

For example, based on the domestic Hanfu culture and the trend of Gongdou film and television dramas, the ancient female game is a good idea. Friendship Time’s two main mobile games developed by Gongdou are “Floating Life as Qing Song” and “Xi Concubine”. “Q Biography”, even though the love story is downplayed, it is still recognized by female players.

At the same time, female players also value the interaction with game characters more and achieve an emotional resonance. Take the popular “Love and the Producer” by women in recent years as an example. Although the market popularity of the work has dropped a lot, many women are still trapped in the tenderness of the “paper man” husband and regard the virtual characters as real. Boyfriend treats.

And when female players become hardcore, the freshness brought to female players by “paper man boyfriend” seems to be slowly dissipating. In the eyes of players, the heroine is no longer only Mary Su who can only fall in love, and career has become a trend. “Absolute Deduction” saw this change. On the basis of ensuring the basic quality, it set up different choices to express the three-dimensional character of the heroine, and through their own efforts to become a debut star, so that each female player can stand alone. This approach is undoubtedly the most in line with the psychology of current female players.

In addition, a successful female-oriented product is supported by the spirit of innovation and ingenuity. From the time when mobile games were popular and end-to-end games were time-consuming and laborious, Netease Thunderfire Sword went slant, and spent a lot of money to build the courage of “Backwater Cold”, and we can see the studio’s quality of both.

to sum up

In fact, from the user population of several games such as “Fantasy Westward Journey” and “Onmyoji”, it can be seen that even if NetEase does not make female-oriented games, the number of female players in NetEase games has always accounted for a relatively high proportion. Therefore, from the perspective of the audience market, this excellent gene of the manufacturer has laid unlimited possibilities for the success of its women in the game.

Although the content of the current game exposure is not too much, its selection and basic framework have allowed players to see the highlights of the game. With Netease Thunderfire’s outstanding self-research strength, the quality of the game must be guaranteed. I believe that when the game starts to test, the game will bring players a brand new experience.

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