Xbox Game Pass – March 2021 Games (Update)

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This early spring will be a busy month for gamers, with the first part of the games as usual. Xbox Game Pass, then the second batch at the end of the month. But it is mainly the addition of twenty Bethesda games to the offer Microsoft, which will keep the players busy, it would be necessary to extend the days by a few hours to enjoy all these titles.

Second part of the games for this month of March 2021:

Already available:

  • Undertale (cloud, console and pc)

18th of March :

  • Empire of Sin (cloud, console and pc)
  • Refuse: vending machines (Pc)
  • Star Wars: Squadrons (console, EA Play games)
  • Flashlight III (Pc)

March 25:

  • Genesis Black (console and pc)
  • Octopath Traveler (console and pc)
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition (Pc)
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (cloud, console and pc)

30 March:

  • Narita boy (cloud, console and pc)

April 1st :

  • Outriders (cloud, console)

Additional content and game updates

  • Minecraft x Uniqlo Skin Pack, Vol. 2 (available)
  • Third anniversary of Sea of ​​Thieves (March 18-21)
  • The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridan Expansion (March 17)

And finally, as with every arrival of new games in the list, there will be some titles going out on March 31, namely:

  • Hyperdot (console and pc)
  • Machinarium (Pc)
  • Travel to the Savage Planet (comfort)

With the return of sunny days, Microsoft wants to get you started with a list of sports games on offer Xbox Game PassYou can let off steam with basketball, soccer, hockey and American football, and for non-athletes, a small space fight.

As often this is the first part of the games for subscribers of the Xbox Game PassWe will update the content of the second part shortly.

First part of the games for this month of March 2021:

Already available:

  • Madden NFL 21 (console – EA Play)

March 04:

  • Football Manager 2021 (Pc)
  • Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition (console and pc)
  • NBA 2K21 (cloud and console)

During the month of March:

  • Star Wars: Squadrons (console – EA Play)


  • NHL 21 (console – EA Play)

note that Microsoft has still not communicated about the upcoming integration of EA Play games for the offer Xbox Game Pass PCIt is recalled that the offer was scheduled for the end of 2020 and was eventually postponed to “early 2021”.

As with every arrival of new games in the list, a few titles will be released on March 15, namely:

  • Alvastia Chronicles (console and pc)
  • Astrologaster (Pc)
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (console and pc)
  • Kona (comfort)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (comfort)

Find here the full list of games in the Xbox Game Pass and also all offers of subscriptions that this service offers. Find everything you need to know about these games at this address

Xbox Game Pass Library | Xbox
Explore the Xbox Game Pass game library and have endless fun.

As a reminder, it is possible to purchase a game permanently with a discount of approximately 20% before the date of removal.

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