Major PS5 System Update Available for Download Tomorrow; It allows PS5 games to be saved to external USB drives and more

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The first major PS5 system update will be available tomorrow, Sony has just announced

After minor firmware updates since the console’s release last November, Sony’s PS5 will receive a major firmware update tomorrow. This new system update allows PS5 owners to save their PS5 games to external USB drives. Prior to this update, users could only save their PS4 titles to external drives. While the new system update allows for storage of PS5 titles, it is still only possible to play these titles from the PS5’s internal SSD.

“With this feature, you can now transfer your PS5 games to extended USB storage from your console’s internal storage. It’s a great way to expand the storage options of your PS5 console, and you can seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you’re ready to play, ”writes Sony. “It’s faster to reinstall PS5 games from extended USB storage than to re-download or copy them from disc.”

Those hoping for additional storage options to play PS5 games will have to wait a bit longer as Sony is still in the process of bringing M.2 drive support to the console.

In addition to additional storage options for the PS5, the new system update also offers new social features in addition to improved control and personalization options, including an improved game base, screen zoom, new chat options, pre-downloads of game updates and more. We recommend reading the official blog post here for full details, but we’ve also added the “Improved control and personalization options for PS5 consoles” listed below:

Improved game base. The Game Base menu has been improved for faster access to important content and features. You can now easily switch between parties and friends to chat with your existing parties or see what all your online friends are up to. In addition, you can enable or disable notifications for each of the parties you participate in.

Turn off Game Chat or adjust the volume of players. You can now quickly turn off in-game chat, which will turn off your microphone audio and other players’ speech audio. In addition, you can easily adjust the individual voice chat volume of other players in the same chat, so you don’t have to ask your friends to decrease or increase their microphone volume every time.

Game Update Pre-download. Once enabled by the developers, title updates for games will be pre-downloaded to your console if the “automatic updates” setting is turned on and your console is on or in rest mode. This allows you to start playing the latest version of a game immediately after the update is released.

Customize the game library. With the ability to search or hide games in your library, it is now easier to find content and personalize your view of your game library.

Screen zoom. You can now adjust the screen magnification to your preference in the Settings menu.

New trophy settings and statistics. The level of trophies that results in the automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip can now be adjusted – so you can now choose to capture and save images / videos only from moments when you earn better trophies, such as gold or platinum. We are also introducing a new Player Trophy Stats screen, where you can see the summary of your trophy level and status at a glance.

The PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide (if you manage to get one).

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