New trailer Mass Effect Legendary Edition compares original and remastered graphics

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We are now a month away from the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastered version of the Mass effect trilogy with completely updated graphics and gameplay. To celebrate the occasion, EA and Bioware have released a new trailer that compares the remastered graphics to the original releases, showing the richer details, lighting and textures in the visuals. Above all, it is a big difference from the original Mass effect game. Check out the comparisons below …

Mass effect First released in 2007, it followed Commander Shepard, a human who forms an elite squad to combat the growing threat of the Reapers, a race of ancient machines that plan to wipe out all life in the galaxy. The game gave players control over all of Shepard’s actions and choices, with some very dramatic consequences that echoed throughout the trilogy. Mass Effect 2 followed in 2010 with the closing chapter Mass effect 3 in 2012.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be a complete remake of the trilogy, but will update graphics to 4K Ultra HD and improve gameplay for today’s consoles. It includes over 40 pieces of DLC in all three games with story missions, armor and weapon packs, character skins, and more.

Some changes have been made to improve the gameplay of the three games for the current console generation, rendering the graphics in 4K definition, providing richer textures, details and lighting. Specific to the original Mass effectExclusive to the Xbox 360, combat and reconnaissance mechanics have been modernized with better squadron commands, aiming and Mako controls, the main vehicle for exploring alien terrain. Additionally, players have more choices when creating their characters with expanded skin tones, hair, etc.

Fans will also be happy to know that EA and Bioware created the female Shepard Mass effect 3, commonly referred to as FemShep, which is the default look for the female version in all three games. The female version never had a default setting prior to the last game where fans could vote for a look for the character and the canon became FemShep. Now players can use that version of FemShep for the entire trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released on May 14th.

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